Almost Every Night

It just makes sense! I enjoy wearing tights during the day because they are so damn comfortable, so I just put another pair on at night and sleep like a baby. Plus its a rush for the fact that I could get caught if anyone walks in while I'm asleep...
LegCastFan LegCastFan
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I've been wearing stockings since I was 4 and pantyhose since 6. Once I figured out how to put on pantyhose, they quickly became my preferred choice of hosiery. I was allowed to wear them in the house if I wanted to so I wore them all the time,

The only thing I really didn't like all that much was taking them off when I went to bed. One night when I was around 8, I thought, why take the pantyhose off? Wear them to bed. I did and never stopped sleeping in them.