Lazy Day!

My lazy day seems to be Sunday. It started as a way to not feel too lonely. Sunday is the only day of the week, where I have nothing to do! Well, except laundry. :-/

And most of my friends aren't online. And then I start to feel so lonely and isolated! So, I discovered that sleeping in on this day helps! I am never alone in my dreams. And since I am up early all week long (and on Saturdays, early Skype chat with Philip! Whoo-hoo!), I get to catch up on any sleep lost during the week days. ;-)

And I can really sleep too... sometimes I will sleep until 6pm on Sundays. Especially when I'm having a special dream! :-D

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

Sleeping in is the best!! I tend to sleep in on Sundays too but I have to get up around 1pm to eat because I get hungry and start dreaming about food!