i slept 'round my mums best mates house and she wantew us to sleep downstairs (it was just me and her). at the beginning of the night we were laid on the sofa and she put her feet on me and asked me to start rubbing them. i had to take of her boots and her socks were really sweaty and dirty, i decided to pocket her socks :$ then when she went to sleep we were laid on the floor on some matresses, and i spent the majority of the night sniffing her shoes and feet :L twas a good night, i have pictures of her feet if anyone would like me to post them

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Can you send me a pic of her wearing them

sounds like you had a great night

I would love to see them and and to get an add

Awesome story, Buddy. Freakin Tubular. Heavens yes, i:d love to see pics of her feet. How long ago was this?

Can u post the pitchers

can you send me the pictures of the socks and feet please ?

hey man...nice story...I was in same situation :)..