A Rose By Any Name Smells Soooo Sweet

I have always loved to smell nice. I use a scent that is rose base and has jasmine and sweetpea scents to it.

It makes me feel so nice , to know that I smell this way ... I have been asked many times  by people what I use , or been complemented about

my perfume.... I even had someone at work say they knew I was there when there was a scent of flowers in the air...

Yep thats me the Ms Cheeky Roses..... =-D

No matter what kind of day I am going to face , I come out of my shower smooth on the lotion and layer it with my scent and the day looks brighter from

that point on , it makes me feel feminine and puts a soft ,powdery , flowery bounce to my steps :kiss

softkitti softkitti
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Ohh I love the scent of sweet peas .. yes .. the reason why I love the scent of roses .. it reminds me of my grandfather .. my grandfathers house had big beautiful rose bushes .. planted in back and front .. and everytime I went there .. that is the sight and smell that greeted me ... and years later though he is gone .. the scent of roses is almost like an invisible hug just from him .... thanks for reminding me sambonie ..=-D

I love the smell of roses. They have such a sweet fragrance. when I smell sweet peas it reminds me of the times I spent on my Grandmother farm. She would plant sweet peas every year and in the spring we would go out and pick some for the table. It is funny how certain smells takes you back in time. The smell of sweet peas will put me back to my childhood and the great happy times I had.

*giggles and dances around MM throwing flower petals on him ..gives him a big hug * there my darlng now we both smell like roses yes?...=-D

You are the only flower that walks and talks!!! I love Dk!!

ahhh christian dior ... ohh lala ....I love that scent ...yes I absolutely agree with you ...scent and mood go hand in hand ...thanks for the comment darling =-D