My Fav Smell Is Lavender

I hate the idea that I might smell icky anywhere, I love to smell nice and clean..i like knowing when you hug me my smell will linger with you long after we part ways.....smells effect me like nothing else can...It sets my mood and a smell can transport me back to a moment and another time and place. My favorite smell is  lavender it is so calming and makes me feel so good. I have my sheets scented my favorite smell...I even will spray perfume on the couch and even guest blankets and towels...I do that because being away from home can suck, so maybe a nice smell might make a guest feel safe and maybe then they might sleep well....I do silly little things like that.... I have lavender that had been dried  hanging in my room... The smell of apples and cinnomon takes me back to when I was a little girl at grandmas house. I even love the smell of powder is a fav smell books smell omg..and the old book smell takes me back to when I was talking to my grandpa ..such a safe feeling. I like the smell of new shoes, and even paste and erasors .... lol... but smelling nice is something no matter how sick I might get is something I will always try to do.

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I love the scent of lavender! I'm not a fan of perfumes, but I use a light, fresh, after-bath splash every day. Since I can't make up my mind about a favorite scent, I tend to bounce around between lavendar, rose, sandalwood and green tea.

omg I am so afraid of not smelling "spring time fresh" down there... I mean I like having my ***** eaten as much as the next girl but always in the back of my mind ... you know .. I'm so obsessed with smell that I shower more than three times a day...LOL oh and ocean it works both ways... women dont want to "blow" on something that smells like sweat and pee... just so you know ....

Ocean your comments are always so cool I dont think your a nut job at all....yeah I knwo all those smells..... btw the smell of the ocean is awesome also.

You are so right.... yeah I kept my dogs blanket so I can smell him and yes they can take us to a diff time ...hopefully a better moment in this hell

I know exactly what you mean. My favorite smell is Rose! Well that and horse sweat. I know, who likes to smell horse sweat? I do. When I lost my beloved stallion, I put his blanket in my truck, and every time I get in my truck, I smell that sweet smell of my horse, and remember him. Our sense of smell I personally think is our most powerful. It can transport us in the bl<x>ink of an eye to a different time.