Women's Armpits


I'm a women living in the Seattle area and I love to have my armpits smelled, licked and rubbed. It is a huge turn-on!  I also love to smell guys armpits! 

There is something so sensual about armpits, not sure what it is.  I also love to look at other women's armpits.    I don't always wear deodorant and some guys like that and others don't.

Nothing like coming home from a day of work or just a stressful day in general and having a guy or a gal would be fine smell my armpits and feel them-especially when I have no deodorant on.  I also love to feel the sweat under my arms; when I shave under my arms I can feel the sweat more than when I don't shave.  When I don't shave the sweat evaporates into the hair, but with no hair.....I feel the sweat! :)
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My first girlfriend was allergic to antiperspirant, and I thought it was really sexy to suck her armpits. I did it for hours. What heaven I was in! I wish I could suck you, but I live in West Valley City, UT. I would wish for nothing but to lay naked with you and suck you. Wouldn't that be fun?

U turned me on with that last line. I would love to lick ur sweaty, musky armpits and take deep breaths of it!

i would do this... Chain you to a bed, tear all your clothes off except for your underwear, get a small but powerful vacuum cleaner plug it in, turn it on, put it on the highest setting, set it on my belly button, crank up the heat to get you dripping sweat, put duct tape on your mouth, put my sweaty armpit on your face, then i would crank up the heat even more, get you pouring sweat, move the vacuum to my ****, then i would come over to you, with the vacuum dangling off of my ***, pull it off of my ***, then i would bend down to your belly button, suck the pool of sweat in your belly button out, then i would put the vacuum inbetween your sweat drenched ****, pull it down to your underboob then i would put the vacuum on your belly button, then i would smell your armpits for hours in end. When i had to leave, i would crank the heat up to maximum get you as sweaty as possible, leave you chained to the bed for an hour, come back with 2 heavy duty shop vacs, plug the small vacuum in, set it on your belly button, then one shop vac would be vacuuming your right boob then the other would be on your left boob so you would have three vacuums sucking you up then i would smell your armpits for hours

I am so ready to smell your sweaty arm pits after a long hot day! please add me

Where do you live?

San Francisco

I am very curous about this topc

WOW! I thought I was the only "oddball" that loves to have my armpits licked, sniffed, worshipped and adored by men. It' nice to see that there are at least 3 dozen people that like it, too. My man pays a lot of attention to my smelly armpits after a long day doing work outside, especially sniffing very deep. Hearing him inhale as deep as he does causes me to grab ahold of his head and secure him to my pine cone pits, as he likes to call them. I don't shave them because he doesn't want me too. With all the attention they get, that suits me and him just fine. He also loves to smell other parts of me, but this is about armpits. And it's about having our men do their duty to our armpits that we both just love.

Total fan

You made me real horny simply describing being like that. If I met you and smelled you I would shoot my load! Still hoping for a day I might meet a gal who doesn\'t use deodorant and doesn\'t need to shower frequently.

I love women's armpits, but my women doesn't like to smell so my licks are few and far

I would love to smell your underarms. ;)

For me, it's a huge turn on. Whenever any of my colleagues wear sleeveless clothes, I can't keep my eyes of their underarms. Just love it.

I'm the same way in that I love to smell & lick women's armpits. Shaved or unshaved. Deodorants are a turnoff!

Women's armpits are sexy! Even if they are ticklish, slowly massaging them while she is turned on should make her relaxed and very hot.....I wish my wife would enjoy having them licked, I would give her the most sensual licking there before working my way slowly down to her beautiful nipples, belly, and tasty womanhood.....Any ladies in RI who would like their armpits licked for a while? Hairy would be even better!

I don't ever use deodorant and I love it when a woman has the mild, arousing body odor about her. Makes me real horny real fast.

Wish I could fine someone that thinks like you... A rare find indeed! I don't like deodorant also.

it is one of the stimulating point where both will enjoy the pleasure..

The scent of a woman's armpit could be enchanting or disgusting, depending on her personal hygiene, health, and well being. Deodorants? That's a no-no. It tastes disgusting! I've found the scent to be much like a fresh bowl of chili, with a touch of cheese, just ever so salty and bitter. Yummy! If she hasn't shaved in a day or two, all the better as it adds the tactile sensations to your tongue and lips. I consider myself to be a connoisseur when it comes to women's armpits. How they smell and taste tells you a lot about them. Their willingness to allow you to make love to their armpits tells you that they are healthy, confident, and pleased that you would pay homage to this oft neglected erogenous zone. Most won't let you, but the ones that do, purr and moan gratefully, as they run their finger through your hair, holding you in place. Hairy or sans hair, makes no difference. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

are there any women in the CT, MA, NJ area who love to be sniffed?

I would love to lick your beautiful hairy armpits everyday. I love women with hairy pits. No deodorant.

Wow, I though I was a freak, because my ex-wife always hated it when i went after here arm pits! I just loved the smell and taste of her armpits! I used to beg her to not shave them and she hated me for that. I saw a woman once who was wearing just a small mens tank top undershirt. She was braless and she had beautiful thick hairy arm pits. It excited me so much that it is permanently burned into the back of my mind. It seems like women keep on getting more beautiful the older I get.

Nothing's more erotic than smelling a woman's sweaty, smelly armpits, not that I am against smelling her other parts.

I am so ticklish i wont be able to handle that!

:) where else are you ticklish?

on my sides, on my neck, my back. It tickles me so much, and i laugh so hard...i cant breathe sometimes. I am terribly ticklish

lol yeah, I hate being tickled, too... so much so that no one tickles me anymore. On your back, huh? That's interesting, never heard of that before... how about your ears?

Ears, no not really. I'm sure that would tickle as well.

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That's wonderful... I like the smell of my sweat... I love to lick and kiss armpits anyway... only women's though. lol

woman tong, ****, and sweaty armpit - with little hair - are my top three

i like to smell girls armpits,

for the longest time I love to sniff, smell, lick/taste a womans armpit, especially if naturally hairy!<br />
After a long day (with no deodorant on) and getting together, the natural intoxicating scent of a womans armpit is such a turn on!!<br />
<br />
Even when alone, and ************...love to work up a sweat and sniff my own armpits!!

me too would like to smell and kiss womens armpit

you can look at mine any time you want ;)

Hi, I love to lick and sniff your smelly armpit I love sweaty armpit womens please let me chat with u and add me. behzadn_dxb@yahoo.com

With No hairs in your armpits, yes, you smell really great... I agree hon...<br />
Same way when ***** or **** is shaved clean it smells good than with hairs on...<br />

I hate DEO ( frankly speaking ), but, my armpits smell is purely/surely naturally fragrant...<br />
I love it... I always shave regularly too....<br />
JFYI..<br />

Please add me up hon... We have the same taste & choice....<br />
I smell & lick woman armpit while having sex ... (frankly)<br />
I wanna chat with you... Lots of love<br />

I wish I could be in USA surely i would have met u. I am obsessed 4 female underarms. Its a big turnon for me.... I love to sniff, kiss and lick sweaty underarms . love u . post some pic of ur underarms. iam already wet.

That's totally hot... love all the smells of a woman.. her sweat under her arms, her breath, a neck, and of course, the sweet nectar from her center.

I Love to Smell Women Armpits. I love to lick and smell a woman's hairy armpit.

I love women's armpits. I have never had the luxury of experimenting yet. But if given the chance, I would love to smell, lick and suck a woman's armpits for a very long time.

I love the smell of a womans armpits and especially like to rub and kiss the sexy perfume that exudes and the feel of the hair. Even shaved the smell has always been a strong sexual effect.

how lucky man,,who can taste the art of your armpit...im wondering from far side sistah...

I couldn't agree with you more. I love to lick and smell a woman's hairy armpit or a mans and I love to have the same done to me. I'm definitely in the no deodorant camp!