Communicating With Her Armpits

Women produce natural attractants in their armpits that vary throughout the month. I've known for a long time that I am aroused by the natural smell of my sweetie's armpits, and it's really enhanced during her ovulation time. She is natural and unshaven, and uses only powder on occasion in her armpits - no poisonous chemicals.

Sometimes the attraction to the sight and smell of her hairy pits is overwhelming, and I find myself frequently smelling and tasting them to get her female essence. Her strong scent, and especially taste, usually causes me to become erect and frequently ends up in us engaging in sex. I find that my release is very powerful when I can smell her during our copulation, and she reports feeling the warm sensation of my love liquid when that occurs.

Seriously, let's not neglect what nature has designed - it works perfectly and creates intended results! In this case, her attractant is during ovulation so that she can attract me to mate with her during the time when she is most fertile. No accidents in this design.
TheHairman TheHairman
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

So true..I've been around a woman that has a scent. Not a stinky offensive smell. An alluring, seductive aroma.
Most recently a waitress that was waiting on me had this scent. I was intoxicated by the sweet smell. I was with a group otherwise I would have been compelled to ask her out.
I could not help but think, was this scent due to her working hard, running about delivering food orders and standing in a hot kitchen. Or did she have a wild sexual tryst just before leaving for work,and not having time to freshen up?