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Sweaty Armpits

i love to See n Smell n Sniff n Lick Womens Armpits... I juS go n Talk to my sister everyday after she comes back from the gym... ALL SWEATY... i love to stare at her pit stains n Get a little sniff now n then :) 

Vishal3 Vishal3 18-21, M 33 Responses Nov 25, 2009

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I am a lady, but I am crazy about women's armpit. The smell and the shape of a woman's armpit is erotic and turns me on like crazy. Just looking at my armpit in a mirror drives me crazy. The turn on i get from smelling my own armpit when i have not taken a bath is overwhelming. The delicious musky smell i get from under my armpit and under my breast is just so erotic.

where are you from ?

you're my kinda woman !

once when travelling in metro which was crowded,i was facing a 34 ish lady in sleeveless dress . but the deo being stronger than her sweat it was disappointing.
but yet just watching it right in my face was good enough.

it is quite natural. you are so lucky. encourageand enjoy that beautiful erotic experience

I love the smell of a really sweaty woman!

Is there something pscylogical Involed concerned to sniffing the female armpits

I I licked and smelled my girlfriend's armpits yesterday and the taste was on my mouth all day long :) the good thing is that she never smells bad even if she hasnt had shower for days:) I love this nature beauty


I find some women's body odours to be unbelievably exciting. Others, not so much. Armpit sweat, BTW, is slightly sweetish and slightly salty. A pleasant taste. But underarm deodorants taste foul. Should be banned.

totaly agree

so u tasted ?

I too like to lick and smell the arm pits of ladies. not all ladies. there are 3 kinbds of smells from lay's arm pits. One i do not like at all. another some times. the third one i like very much always i want to lick and smell the same.

thats wired ,but i too like to watch woman with sweaty armpits but it depends.any enjoy.

well i have also like to lick armpits of my wife and she too licks mine when iam reaching my climax durning sex.

that is the power and kick of natural pheromones.enkoy it

I thoroughly lust after strong smelling feminine armpits. They are just so super erotic, and they definitely smell best when they are hairy as well.

those who are in need fail to ever get. well 99% .

she is your sister, do nor cross limits.

vishal will get beating of her life when his sister comes to know his fetish.

i love women armpits i always try to found woman armpit whn they raise her hand..... i want kiss on the armpit with small hairs........i want to take sweats of woman armpits in my mouth hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice

nothing better than a beautiful sweaty stubbly womans armpit mmmmmmmmmm got me rock solid just thinking about the taste mmmmmmmmm

In my openion , not all women armpits !!!! first how those armpits shape looks , if they are too curved and boney ,, then i am not attractied to them ,, if the upper part of the arm is tall and sylinderical ( rounded ),, and the armpit is flattered and white ,,, then i am fond of smelling them and licking them ,provided of course that i am in love with that woman , some skins smell is not acceptable cos it depends on diet they eat !!!!! any way the scent is a definitely a turn on .......

I love it to ,when ******* my wife I will bury my head in her pit smelling and licking it is such a treat .

hai, am from india.. the south part of india . most offen ladies dnt use sleav less and they gross their bush..i dnt lik 2 travel hear on car becse i miss the chance 2 c the side view off girls armpit..<br />
i realy love it.. i love 2 suck lik..

hai, am from india.. the south part of india . most offen ladies dnt use sleav less and they gross their bush..i dnt lik 2 travel hear on car becse i miss the chance 2 c the side view off girls armpit..<br />
i realy love it.. i love 2 suck lik..

i often use to smell my aunts armpit when it is unshaved for a while.... damn it makes me mad.... lick ur aunts armpits.... oh heaven feeling....

its a heavenly feeling when i smell my aunts wet armpit... i usually wanted to lick... damn it makes me mad...

Mr. Vishal u r really a weird Guy, its not because you like the armpit odor or like to sniff armpit, but you do that with your sister *******.

I am single and am looking for a woman who has armpit fetish.

pls giv ur city

absolutely its great to sniff n licck woman's armpit when we r in love with them

Sure!! Turns me on too!!

i like too,,so kiss n lick...its turn me on,,and fresh my mind...

Womens sweat is great, sexy as hell. Email me and tell me about your sister,,,you must have a thing for her. robbrady321 yahoo mail

Becky,<br />
As someone who also loves to smell and lick my wife's armpits I don't think it is weird at all. The smell of my wife's pits totally turns me on as well especially when she hasn't shaved in a while.