I Love to Smell Yummy, Too

But I am very careful in picking out fragances that are not too overwhelming. I call it the "old lady syndrome", when they just pour half a bottle of parfum everytime they go out and leave a trail that actually makes you dizzy.

I love to wear fresh smelling fragances in the morning ( the just out of the shower feeling ) and perhaps a little stronger for evening.  But in my hands I just put on fragance free hand lotion. I dont think food and parfum go very well together.


How about you ? Whats your favorite fragance ?. And Why ?

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3 Responses Apr 5, 2008

strawberry and blackcurrant yogurt!

my fav fragrance is fresh pineapple. i know it sounds weird but Bath and Body works sells it and it smells so good. Nice and refreshing, not overpowering.

My favorite fragrance right now is Cool Water -nice, fresh, clean scent. I like several scents from Bath/Body works also-warm vanilla sugar, sweet pea, juniper breeze, sensational apple is a definite favorite-don't wear perfumes, scented lotions all the time though-just periodically when the mood hits me.