I Need a New Identity!

For years now, since I was fifteen, I’ve been wearing Fire and Ice Smoulder. Not the fanciest or most exclusive, I know, but it’s always felt really comfortable and has become really ‘me’. It’s the scent all my friends know (and, dare I say it, like), the scent everyone associates with me, the scent that helps to comfort people who have fallen unto my shoulder to unload their troubles, the scent my male admirers have been enamoured of…

… And it has apparently been discontinued.

I stopped seeing it in store a while ago, then found it in store again (once), and (now that that I’ve almost run out of what I bought last time) now I can’t find it again. Anywhere. I’ve been asking people in the different stores, who’ve told me they don’t know, they probably don’t have it in stock, or, they don’t know, the packaging must have changed… Just a general lack of knowing, basically. I went into an actual perfume store recently, and the not-so-friendly lady there told me that my scent, MY scent, the one that used to drive my boyfriend mad with desire, the one he used to breathe in deeply when we met, like I was the only clean air in a filthy world, has been discontinued.

*bottom lip quivers*

I spent that day walking the length of that perfume store, looking for hope in a bottle, and alas… I could find nothing to ease my worried mind. Nothing feels like ‘me’.

The general theme of this year has been ‘figure out who you are and what you want and where you’re going’ so it sort of figures that something so familiar is taken away from me. I’m not ready to move on just yet, so I’ll be wearing Old Spice for now. Until the time is right, and I am ready to allow something new into my life.

HoneyPie HoneyPie
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1 Response Sep 30, 2008

:) I appreciate your concern nuevo, but Old Spice doesn't smell like Old Spice on me, so I don't actually smell like an old man. On me it smells... kind of sweet, I guess. I am a fan of oil-based perfume as well. I've actually been thinking of trying to make my own, so I can't be affected by another discontinuation.<br />
<br />
TOCIC: I can't think of any forest-type scents for women, but I tend to ignore the 'for men' and 'for women' labels anyway. I don't think it matters, if you like how it smells on you. But then I've always been kind of difficult that way. Good luck on your quest :)