And I Can Get All That

from the BODY SHOP. I absolutely LOVE that shop. They have so many yummy smelling products. I love the fruity smell, especially the citrus ones, they are so invigorating and fresh. At the moment (not literally NOW) I am using strawberry body wash and every time I use it it makes me feel hungry it is just so YUMMY! They have so many new products out too. There is a water lilly or something watery fragrance they have out now and I sampled it today on a fragrance stick *pulls the ticket out her pocket and inhales deeply* it smells gorgeous. I think that smelling nice can really be a kickstart to your day and perk you up if you've had a bad day.

Here's to smelling yummy!


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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Oh...Satsuma....*drools*<br />
<br />
That's like a fruit I'd like to eat :O