Smoking And ************

I started smoking when I was 8 with permission from my mum. I started ************ soon after I started smoking. Smoking turned me on even before I took it up although at the time I couldn't have explained to you what the feeling was when I saw others smoking. I have been smoking and wanking ever since and whenever I am alone I will usually **** while having a smoke. There is nothing in the world like it.
Jillmenthol Jillmenthol
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if your horny stop by I'll masturbat you with my tongue & fingers

Smoking is a huge turn on. Have been smoking and wanking since I was 12. Glad to find a woman who likes it too.

The two experiences go so well together. Enjoy those special times

Wonderful to read Jill, thanks for sharing with us. Well done to your enlightened mum too! Enjoy...

soooooo!true,I think it is a little bit different for each,but so good none the less

I am in total agreement with you. I don't know why but smoking always turned me on when I was younger. There is almost nothing better then rubbing my hard **** and ******* while taking a big pull and exhaling.... Love it! I'd love to try having sex with a woman while were are both smoking. So hot!

Jill that is such a turn thinking of smoking and playing with yourself how many cigs do smoke a day I have been keen on the minty taste of menthol

Wanking. How were you Anxious to talk with you

How often do you *** while playing with yourself and having a smoke?

I love smoking VS 120 Menthols and I **** at least twice/daily while smoking. I love blowing thick clouds of sweet creamy white cigarette smoke whilst sexually aroused. I'd love to find a sey female partner who enjoys it as much as me!

I smoke menthol 120s and pound off as many times a day as possible. Get hard every time I light a sexy long menthol and puff like a lady. Every woman I've been with has loved my smoking fetish!

Me too. I'm addicted to wanking and smoking and now nicotine. What a turn on. Addicted and loving the bad effects of cigareetes. Tell me more.

Oh Jilly baby, you turn me on. I started, same as you, ************ and smoking together and I still do it today, even though I have given up smoking a long time ago. Just a special taboo treat now and then. Sssh!<br />
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My parents didn't smoke so I had nobody to 'borrow' from when I was a kid. The first time I smoked I was thirteen or fourteen. I was hiking back from the beach and a man gave me a ride and he offered me a smoke. I took it, and it made me quite dizzy. Then he proceeded to seduce me as we drove and eventually pulled over and sucked me off while I smoked. It became a regular thing. I became addicted to these older cocksuckers and their smokes. They would always give me a few to take home and I would go into the bushes in the park at night with a blanket and lay there naked and **********.<br />
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I felt so naughty!

wow it's amazing how on a site like this you find kinfolk. I also get turned on by smoking. I play with myself quite often when I smoke. So good on you Jill and I would love to chat about our fetish sometime.

It is very sexual in nature Jill. Sex and smoking do go well together.

Thank you Fontana. I understand the biological side I guess as both smoking and ************ effect the pleasure centres in the brain. As for the psychological side I don't know it may have something to do with my mum who always looks like she's enjoying herself when she smokes. I will keep smoking and wanking. Nice chatting. Jill.

Fascinating story. It is truly amazing the correlation you have evidently established for yourself between smoking and ************ from a very young age. I love a female who masturbates so insofar as you are concerned, i hope you will not give up smoking Jill.<br />
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Enjoy. Lovely.<br />
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