Life's A Short To Smoke Bad Weed

Love me some weed. Wake up every morning and get high. Then take a shower so I don't smell and go to work. Five thirty when I get home guess what I'm dong first. Yep. Rollin a blunt. Got all types of devices. Got a vortex gravity, steam roller, bowl, zong, bong just broke, and a couple other little one hitters. I'll have to get them all together and post a pic. I love making brownies, cookies, and really anything I feel like. Love weed forever. You will never see an angry stoner wanting to fight. The most we do is eat Cheetos and watch funny *** movies. Remember life is to short to smoke bad weed.
Michael20219 Michael20219
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

hell ******* yeah and we play videogames and **** too

Damn straight