I just woke up at 5:30 AM 'cause i was craving a cigarette. now i've had four and i feel much better:) sitting out on my deck filling my lungs with smoke and relaxing:)
DJBarbie420 DJBarbie420
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Nothing's better than to wake up- lit a cig and pour yourself a nice large drink

Do you like to hold the smoke in your lungs as long as you can too?

Smoking? We just used to smoke our salmon. What a strange habit.

take care of your health these things are not good

Nothing compares with the feeling of the smoke in the lungs! One of the most euphoric feelings ever.

Nothing beats a good smoke!

Especially sharing that good smoke with someone u love Ashley :o)

sounds like it could have been a good occasion for something stronger than just cigarettes

Two extra things occur to me...one it just shows how wonderful it is when u get very seriously addicted like u are now dj....that need for chain-smoking leads to so much pleasure when you fulfil that need! And second it can be nice to be really disciplined and deny yourself smoking until u become desperate.....maybe have a set time when u can finally have one...nightmare beforehand but u can look forward to that special hour and when the clock strikes...wow, absolutely fantastic that relief and pleasure!!!

Fantastic feeling! Shame we can't smoke while sleeping isn't it dj? Although it can be tried with your partner lol

Isn't it wonderful. I do the same in the middle of the night. Curious...how did you start?