Sniffing Another Girls Panties

I had gone to visit some family and we all went to a swimming pool party over the weekend, I did not know anyone except my family. They had a large changing room where you could get ready and some cubes where you would put your clothing. After the day I went into the changing room to put my clothing back on, I noticed a pair of panties laying behind one of the benches. I got this feeling inside me and started to tingle, they were very sexy panties and I was thinking of whose they could of been that I saw that day, they were size small thongs, bright blue, thoughts of whose they could be contined to fill my mind and I started to get wet. I looked around and peeked out the door to make sure no one was coming and I went over and picked them up and held them to my nose, they smelt so good. I knew I did not have much time to enjoy them here because my family was waiting for me so I stuffed them in my bag and left. I got back to my familes house and all I could think about was the panties I had in my bag. I excused myself upstairs to the guest bedroom and shut the door and layed on the bed and ******** down to my panties and grabbed the panties out of my bag and held them to my nose, once again they smelled so wonderful. I rubbed them over my breasts, and over my stomach and down to my mound, then back up to my nose as I layed there with my knees bent up rubbing myself as I sniffed the panties. It did not take to long and I had an amazing ****** sniffing those panties while rubbed myself. Sniffing panties, either my own or another girls always makes me ****** so intense.
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Mmm this story made me ***!!!

Would you like a man to sniff yours ?