I Have Sniffed Dirty Panties For 30+ Years

Well - yes - I'm a "dirty pantie lover" and I've been sniffing and licking dirty panties for 30 + years now.
I enveloped the habit when I was a teenager. I started with my mother and my sisters dirty panties. For the first 5 to 8 years I'd only sniff the panties but later on I've also licked the dirty panties I'd came across.
I only sniff/lick female panties. I have no interest in mens dirty underwear!
I prefer to know who has worn the dirty panties but if that is not an option I still sniff and lick them. I have literally cleaned dirty panties with my tongue without knowing who has worn the panties - I'm of course familiar with the health care risk in that concern, but when I get the chance to sniff/lick a pair of dirty panties the lust exceeds the rationale!
I my younger days - before I got wife and kids - I thought I would get over the lust but now I know better. I know I will love to sniff/lick dirty panties forever!
billPantylover billPantylover
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2012