Her First Spanking

I'd been seeing a beautiful 27 year old Vietnamese girl when possible over a period of several months - we lived 200 miles apart. She was a very sweet, petite, sincere, hard working girl. She had one big problem, though - chronic tardiness. Late to classes at college, hugely late to one-off job opportunities that were crippling her networking efforts, etc. And I knew from our past conversations that she'd never been spanked before - neither as a child, nor since then.

I'd been talking to her about the importance of punctuality, but without success. Then things came to a head one afternoon when I flew in to spend the afternoon w. her.

Originally, she was going to get out of class about 10 minutes before my flight landed, and it would take her about 25 minutes to pick me up - no problem. But my flight was 30 minutes late, so she would have had the perfect opportunity to be EARLY for a change. And she knew this...

I deplaned, headed out to meet her at the curb, and waited. And waited. And waited... I was really starting to steam. A part of me was tempted to wait until she arrived, and then tell her that I was getting back on the next plane and leaving. But that would have ultimately been a childish reaction. What was more important was to use this as a teaching moment - for her.

45 minutes after my LATE plane arrived, she finally rolled up. I knew she was going to be very jumpy and nervous - she knew she was seriously late, and was going to be in big trouble. Didn't see me approaching, until I was standing at her car door. She started, and then jumped out, laughing to hide her nervousness, and tried to hug me. I wasn't having it - took her arms, pushed her back at arm’s length, and stared coldly into her eyes. Gave her an initial talking to about how this was not acceptable, about the expense and time I'd devoted to flying to spend time with her, and that I was NOT happy. She dropped her eyes, and her head, ashamed, and scared while I spoke.

I took the car keys, walked her to the passenger door, and jumped behind the wheel to drive to my hotel. She sat quietly, her head bowed, and her hands in her lap. Didn't even try to speak w. me during the short drive to the hotel, which was exactly the reaction I wanted. Left her in the car while I checked in, then pulled up to our suite and got out. When we got inside, she tried to bustle with the food she'd brought, and avoid interacting with me. I went into the bedroom, sat down on the foot of the bed, and called her to me.

She came quietly, nervous, not sure what to expect. I wasn't sure if she was going to go along with what was about to happen next - but it was very important to me for her to trust me, to submit, to place herself in my hands and know that I was only going to do what was in her best interests.

I took her hands in mine, looked deeply into her eyes, and told her again that her chronic tardiness was damaging to her academic career, her professional development, and her personal relationships - and that I wanted her to lay across my lap. Her eyes widened, and she shook her head, whispered, 'no...' pulling slightly away. I kept up the steady, calm, but firm eye contact - no longer trying to frighten her with harsh words or looks, but as an adult speaking w. a child. To give her the message that this was inevitable, whether she liked it or not.

Again she whispered, 'No...', but neither did she try to leave the room, tell me this was absurd, or anything like that. I could feel that while she was resistant, she also did not want to disappoint me further. I pulled gently on her hands towards me, never breaking my expression that this *was* going to happen, resistance was futile, and kept up the calm, firm, steady eye contact. This was not about me overpowering her - this was about her willingly submitting herself to the firm, loving discipline that she had never received before. It was a tense moment for me, inside; if she was not willing to go there, to trust me, and accept her punishment, I didn't know if I would be willing to continue to spend time with her. And I did want to... but on my terms, and with her willing to adapt and grow with my guidance.
Then, all at once, she stepped forward, and laid across my left thigh, face down on the bed :-) She was wearing a beautiful, form fitting white dress with a floral print. It hugged her curves so closely, it took me a moment to slide it up over her hips. She was wearing a small thong, which meant I didn't have to put her through the additional embarrassment of pulling her panties down around her thighs.

She's a tiny thing, just 5'3" and 105 pounds. I wanted to strike just the right balance - a good strong sting she'd feel tomorrow, but not so much as to injure her tiny butt or leave bruising. It had to be strong enough to linger w. her the next time she was at risk of running late, but not so much to overwhelm her and break the trust that she'd placed in me. And besides, at 27 she'd never experience a spanking before.

I started out slowly, and she was quiet as a mouse. I couldn't tell if I wasn't making any impression, or she was being stoic. The SMACKS!! began coming down more firmly, more steadily, back and forth, left cheek and right cheek, until a quiet 'ow... hurts...' floated up from where her face was buried in the bedspread.

I paused, and gently rubbed her cheeks, and told her, 'Of course... if it didn't hurt, there wouldn't be much point to this, would there?' SMACK! 'The next time you're getting ready for school, I want you to remember -- SMACK!! -- how this feels -- SMACK!! -- to make sure you do the right thing. SMACK!! If another professor -- SMACK!! -- refuses to accept your homework -- SMACK!! -- because you were late to class AGAIN -- SMACK!! -- I am NOT going to be happy... SMACK!!'

Finally I could hear her crying, quietly. I rubbed her stinging cheeks for a minute, and then pulled her up and into my lap. She buried her head into my shoulder, and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her gently but securely against me, and stroked her back, and her hair. She'd done exactly what I'd asked of her, and I loved her all the more for it. It's human to be flawed... but the willingness to sincerely accept loving discipline and structure, as an adult, is a beautiful, and rare thing.

And… she hasn’t been late for a single thing since!
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Wisdom comes to women through the buttocks...

"She was wearing a small thong, which meant I didn't have to put her through the additional embarrassment of pulling her panties down around her thighs."

Yeah ... see that wouldn't have stopped me. That symbolic revealing and added exposure just adds to it in my experience :)

Great balanced discipline session.

Very HOT.

Nicely told and explained. Thank you for sharing.

Did the discipline session lead to sex that afternoon? From my experience, spanking makes most women wet and quite willing.

Oh, there was sex that afternoon, but not as a direct result of her spanking.

Very sexy! It's nice to see writers who are very confident, and who know exactly what they want : )

Nice. Love your avitar. love to see and hear more.

Dam! I got wood reading that!


that is very nice an they do have to learn to be on time if not for them but not to keep others wating on them<br />
i would of keep spanking her after she started to cry also have to make your point an have them feel it so much

Does it really matter the why's & wherefore's of this behaviour? It seems to come from deep inside us, & has been described as "primal" by some sources. If she likes the attention on her bottom in that way, well & good I say, because it really seems to serve a purpose in male/ female relationships. I dont know if that holds for all couples, but I suspect it is actually the majority, but the vast number of those couples would never let it out for fear of embarrasing themselves, or perhaps giving ammunition for verbal taunts etc. Well if that happened then that is surely an optimum opportunity to put her over the knee for a discipline session. Should deal to the taunts very nicely, & leave her knowing her boundaries. She was very likely to have been being difficult, perhaps unconsciously, for exactly that reason. Why else do women feel so loved & secure when their husbands finally take control. Even the stronge willed ones, which my wife very definately is, really respond to this style of love. Dont rationalise it, just do it & see the results for yourself. You'll be astounded, as I was. Sure it might take a little time to work into it, but keep at it, & keep communicating. especially in loving & appreciative ways.

okay! being the Devil's advocate... i think maybe she enjoys this type of attention, and you just added to that attention!! what do you think about that???

Well... I think she sincerely didn't want the spanking; but at the same time, she does have a beautiful submissive streak. She hasn't been tardy for *anything* since that spanking, so it's not like she's willful to instigate more of the same.

On the other hand, she forgot and left behind something I gave her, last time we met; and she was horrified, and very apologetic. She said 'Daddy will have to spank baby girl next time...'

Good on you for taking her in hand & dealing to her. I bet she came back for more! You are so right, it is a beautiful thing to have your wife/ partner across your knee for such discipline. Makes all the difference to a relationship.