I have always had a facination of the female bottom, especially those encased in tight jeans, trousers or figure hugging pencil skirts. It was sheer bliss in the office watching young female colleagues bend over to extract papers from files in the bottom drawers of filing cabinets but I always knew that I had to resist the urge to give a playful slap. My job was too important to lose it in disgrace!

When I first obtained a personal computer, I discovered to my astonishment, numerous sites on spanking. I had no idea that my secret fetish was so popular!!  I discovered that a number of attractive young women offered to let men like me spank them for a tribute. I plucked up the courage to dial the number on a web page of the nearest girl on the list and soon I was in heaven. An attractive women was lying over my lap letting me smack her bottom!

She then taught me the correct way to use various implements that she had on display and soon she was bending over the back of a chair letting me cane her. It was the best hour I could have dreamt of spending - sheer bliss.

I have spanked and caned a number of women since, some on the bare, some over tight trousers and jeans and some over pencil skirts.

If any women have the desire to be spanked or any men to spank a women - I would recommend go for it - life is too short.

Aquarian4 Aquarian4
51-55, M
Mar 9, 2010