I Have Far More Money Than I Need

I keep it stored in the cupboards, the garage, the bedroom drawers.  Some is stored in the floorboards, my old room at my parent's house.  I spend it quickly in an attempt to clear the clutter.  Its making my life a wreck.  I buy useless items and give them away to friends, family, sometimes hobos. 

Can anyone relieve me of this curse?

ichooselife ichooselife
36-40, F
7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Go to www.zolasonlinemall.com and you can shop, save, and get cash back. You can travel and get passports. Zamtech has all the major carriers. Restaurant.com on my site you can get $25 gift certificates for like $10 at the end of the month $1.

Hi ,I'm one of your newest fans. if you are unhappy about storeing things,The answer may be in asking for advice as how tou can slow down some...:)

oh hackies we could be pen pals... that would be super koo... Never had pen pals... You want... Seriously!!?? let me know...

I wish you would send me your size or perhaps just send your p.o. box and I can just send you a box of cash....whichever you'd prefer.

lol... add my name to that list... I'll send you my sizes lol... I cant spend right now... I'll be sooo glad when I get back on track but I dont think that'll be happenin any time soo cause ima need to be takin some time off... :(

I would except the faster I give it away the more it increases. Its constantly growing in heaps. Won't someone rid me of this retched curse.<br />

Giving things away is a sign of charity. It can aslo be an esteem issue. Will nned more info to give an educated answer.