Loves To Spend Money Even If I Don't Have Any!!!

I hope someone can help me!! My spend is hurting my marrige!! I only work everyother weekend and don't make much, I go to school full time, and work workstudy at the school. Not making very much. My husband works full time and pays ALL the bills. I spend the money I make on anything it don't matter what. FOOD at school, SODA I LOVE to SHOP! Sometimes i get my check and spend and i can't even show you what I bought! Then when my money is gone my husband gives me money and if he says we don't have any or this money is for bills or food to feed the kids i get mad! I want MONEY!, I want to spend MONEY! HELP me please my problem is really hurting the people I LOVE!!!!

crazyspender5 crazyspender5
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Your right, you are abusing yourself, and the family. I leave a $100 in the house, and take $20 dollars a day to work. Surprisingly, I do not spend that much, so I return the money to the house and take out another $20 the next day. surprisingly, by the end of the week, I have spent $40, for gas, soda, necessities, and I have $160 left to start again next week. Of couse, I have been taking the friends out on Fridays lately. Ask your family what they want and go get it. Now that is real shopping.