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My first black **** was when I was 18 yrs. at the time. It was a sunny after noon and I had found my self in the black part of town, As I was walking I passed a store and standing at the doorway was ths big black male about in his forties.I noticed him checking me out as I walked by. I looked back and saw him looking at my tight white Navy pants.I walked a few blocks and decided to go back . As I passed the store again the black male was still standing by the door and as I walked pass him he called me and asked if I had a light. After small talk he asked if I wanted to go have a beer with him. I accected and we went to this bar it was mostly blacks. I think there was one or two white girls who he told me liked blacks *****. While we were there some of his friends came by to say hi and find out who I was. I remember some saying where did you find him as they were checking me out at that time I was a skinny 18 year old.After we were both drunk he asked if I wanted to go to his apartment.I was closing time and I didn't know where I was so I said yes.When we got to his apartment.he turned the TV on. I asked if he had a radio and he said yes it's in the bedroom. So we went to the bedroom.Once there he started undessing him self and told me to do the same.I started getting ****** at 5 years old and had been with lots of older men so it was nothing new except that I had never been with a black man before.When he put my hands on his **** it felt different His skin was rougher. He then position him self in a 69 position and wanted me to suck his ****.I had been ****** but had nevere sucked before.I said to my self I'm going to find out what the big deal is aabout this black ***** and I put the head in my mouth and stared sucking.we were both drunk and both fell asleep.In the moring a friend of his came and talked for a bit in the living room while I stayed in bed.I heard heard him tell his friend we both eate. His friend asked who else was here and he was told we did visa versa.He then used the excused that he was going to use the bathroom which he had to go through the bedroom.When I saw him I decided to flirt with him. I covered the front part of my body with the sheet covering my chest and frond legs, but purposely exposing my back, buttocks, and the back of my legs pretenting not to know my *** was showing.When he came out of the bathroom.He padded my butt and said nice and sat on the edge of the bed and asked what my name was as he reached around to my *** and squeezed it.Iheard him talking to his friend and was told that it was alright if he wanted to play with me.He came back again and removed the sheet and asked if it was alright. I said I didn't mind and he stood up and took his pants and shirt off. He was'n't wearing any underwearr When he dropped his pants I saw one of thickest ***** I had ever seen. It also was so black that it looked dark blue as his cheat this was a real black man.He climbed in the bed and spreads my legs around his waist untill my heels were ion his back. I quickly told him to stop to allow me to put saliva on my *** cause I knew this was going to hurt.The trill of being with a black man made me so hot as when I had seen on ***** flicks when a girl takes a BBC.Don't know if I was still drunk from the night before but all I knew was that I was to be ****** by him.He was going to be my first black.Once he was all the way in.he must have gotten real turn on cause he kept on ******* me for hours.I had never been **** for hours before.He ****** me with my legs up , my bend over, he on top and just stayed ******* me for hours.During the time he was ******* me an other friend came by and the door to the bedroom was opened. I felt really embarrasted as his to friend were watching me get ******. Geting **** s one thing but when someone is watching and you don't relly know them is an other thing or at least it was for me.It was almost 8:00pm by now he stared ******* around 10:00AM nthe morning My *** hole was so dilated you coud have drove a truck through it.I didn't feel any pain it was numb.He then told me he had a lover that he had to go, but that he would come back the next day. He left and the new friend played with me too, but nothing like the one who ****** me first.The next morning we got up and went acrossed the street to a lady's hose to eat. I heard the lady say to my first friend, oh this is the one you told me about. She could tell I was real embarrass. She told me Its alright honey there are gay men in every race. Then later on my guy came back It was kimnda cold in the rom but he had me naked in front of other men that would come by once they heard I was there. They could look at me naked, but my friend wouldn't let them touch me.He would have mesit on his lap nude. Then he would tell them I was his white meat.I'm a light skin hispanic.I'm sure this friends liked seeing a skinny 18 year old naked as they were all in thier late thiries What a thrill I had for 3 days. I would have sen them more but one of them stole money from me while I was in bed with my friend. That made me mad so I left.My seond was an older black male too I would say in his late forty or early fifties.He picked me up while I was leaving a bar took to his house.I gave him a quick blow job before he mounted if I recall he went in with my legs up. when I complaint he placed his hand over my mouth and told me to be quite becase his son wa in the next room.I wispered ok but told him to do it this way and I rolled over and laid face down that way I could bury my face on the pillow. I have never met a black with a small ****.Even when my wife ****** about thirty or more they all had either long or real thicks ***** I'm sorry but I have not had black ***** in a while. I now want to get fuced by a black t-girl so far I've been lucky and have had the pleasure of being **** by three. But I'm looking foward for more.
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The other of the only two times I did it, I was taken back to this big house, turned out to be an embassy and the guy said he was the son of the ambassador! We ******** off and did it on the carpet in this big empty room, both on our hand and knees, he buggering me doggy style from behind. His was almost as huge as that of the other black guy who'd had me and again it hurt like hell but that didn't stop me, while he was inside me, shooting my own load all over the very expensive looking carpet.

first black **** in my *** i was around 11 it was frined of mine an massive size busted my cherry an widen me but good

i wish one day be with sweet black ***** too ,,you had so lovel yteenage

I used to have a black FWB as a mentioned in another story. He was so good at ******* me. He never ****** me for less than an hour. If his wife was out of town, I'd come over and he'd **** me several times all night. We are both negative so we'd **** bareback. I'd give anything if I could feel his thick 9" **** inside me again. I loved the feel of his heavy muscular body on top of me, kissing me and sucking my nipples. When he was getting close he would grab my feet and bury his face in them. My feet are very soft and clean and he love to lick them and suck my toes. He loved how my toes would curl in his mouth when we would both *** at the same time. He moved away and I need another!

I did this a couple of times in my late 20s. The most memorable was as a favour for the mate I was living with who’d picked up this black guy but who turned out to be a top like himself so rather than turn the guy away he asked if I’d let him **** me while he watched. So I ******** off, lay on my back on the bed and spread my legs for this black guy while he lubed me up and inserted this huge black weapon, as thick as my wrist. I yelped with pain and it took a lot of coaxing and calming me down before I could relax enough to get his ten inches or so up me and feel his load pump up my passage; no risk in those pre HIV days, I could spread my legs, lie back and be a gay black man's white bottom. Unfortunately for a week after I became a black man's white sore bottom too, so I only ever once repeated the experience; and got a sore bottom again!

my first black **** was around 17 he was well hung we ***** an foreplay sucking each oher then it was time i dont know about you but omg did it hurt alot felt like he was spltting my *** apart his **** no joking was around 10 if not longer back then dont think of things like that but he **** me long time an felt more like enema when he came in my ***

Yes I do those are wonderful memories I really started enjoy spreading my cheeks for older men when I was 9 or 10. The young boys my age would call me names after they ****** me. Older men were more gentle and stayed on top longer use to **** me once told me that he had ******, been ******, sucked and been sucked. It didn't seem wrong I ndidn't suck until I sucked a black man I liked so I kept on sucking men, I have always been a bottom with men. If you would like write me at bottommale2@gmail.com and I will share my stories with you