Legs Open Wide, Spread

As I lay flat on my back with my knees up and legs open I like to put my hands either side of my outer ***** fold and spread myself so my fleshy pinks bits are there exposed and ready for pleasure, like I am there waiting and wanting **** to fill me.  My **** is able to be touched and I can use my fingers to hold my spread lips open and give my button a rubb.  Yep, open spread legs are good and so are open ***** lips. 
       Legs spread wide on my back again naked with arms extended in a take me now and do what you may position, my legs still open as I elevate myself and give you a good eye level look at my *****, like it?, - now you spread me.  As I lay here grab my feet and push them towards my butt, my knees will rise and you will then shove my legs open wide and eat me.  Turn me over and place your hand under my belly and lift me so my butt is now up, I will give you a good spread, stand back so you can view my open ***** lips.  I will put my head on the pillow, arse up, spread my butt cheeks and open my legs wide, I'm wet aren't I?, I can feel it.
       A normal spread is when I will bend my knees up and kind of lift my **** up and forward as I reach climax with magical **** touch. 
      How about side spread, laying on my side and bringing one leg up putting my foot at my crotch, rub my ***** with the heel of my foot, smooth with the lotion I use, also good position and spread for fingering,  get partner or ***** and go in from behind, lovely.
      Butterfly spread?, place soles of feet together and bring them towards you as you lay, great for self-pleasure and good to get at clitoris from this spread
        Another spread I like is when hubby lifts my legs high and my butt is off the bed and my legs as wide and open as he can get them, that’s a spread!.  Excellent for penetration as he pounds me, sometimes my legs ache and he puts one leg down and I’m left with a spread that is him holding one leg up as his balls slap against my butt and the other leg knee up on the bed. 
       Belly down spread? Grab a pillow and put under your butt so its elevated a bit, push your butt out as you spread your legs open, your partner can get a good go at you in this position and spread, trust me I know J xx    ************ is nice and I like to sometimes lay on my belly with legs spread as I put my hands between my legs and open myself so my clitoris rubbs on the pillow, I have a favourite one you know xx
         I like the kneeling on knees open legged for self-touching and this is also lovely for being ****** from behind, can manipulate partners ball sack and give clitoral rubb from there too.

Rate Up's are welcome if you like my spread   xx thank you and have a spread on me

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Hot as hell! Keep writing

Okay, that settles it. You have the best collection of writings on EP. I there a limit to how many stories I can 'Heart'?

Was that a full page spread ? lol

I like the . . . "naked with arms extended in a take me now and do what you may position, my legs still open as I elevate myself and give you a good eye level look at my *****, like it?, - now you spread me. As I lay here grab my feet and push them towards my butt, my knees will rise and you will then shove my legs open wide and eat me." spread. You knew I would ! xx

Wow a story I like without pics. Must be something wrong with me.

That's a great story....would love to spread you x

I'm just happy you are spreading this around! Add me please

Rated up! Hot story, please add me!

Wow girl! You totally made me hard. As always you and your stories get me all shaky and hot.

wan all that wid you my love!

Oh baby, you are AWESOME !!! What a FANTASTIC story !!!! You're the kinda girl all we blokes with 'ordinary' wives think '****, why didn't I get a girl like this to marry !!!' **** honey, I so wanna take you in ALL of these positions and watch you frig yourself in the ones where you like to self-pleasure. I'd TRY not to *** before you did, but sweetheart, it would be sooooooo difficult !!! Don't worry though, I'd soon be hard again with you around !!!!!
Your greatest admirer

well great at my desk reading this and have a hard on a cat couldnt scratch with all its claws....thank


A Very Good way to describe what you like to display . That of enjoyment as well .

I'm glad you posted on here your thoughts about the many types of spreads worked for you to find that ultimate joy of a sexual experince you like so much to get ! !

It was great to read about ! !

Thank You

Fox Trot Arrow always...your descriptions take the breath away and makes the blood flow to smaller head *SS* Just a wonderful sharing

Mmmm. Definitely a rate-up.
Your spreads are all so inviting. And I would love to be the one to well and truly keep your LipsParted.

Love your descriptions. Makes me hard thinking about it.

Oh, you smooth talkin' lady. What a wonderful and delicious image you create. Thank you!!!

Fantastic. My **** is about to explode at that. Pls add me

Maybe I can send my wife for a lesson or two! :)

sure, I have a great spread her and I could use together. Its called the Scissor Spread. Its where two women rubb their ******* together. She will lay on her side with one leg up giving her a good leg opening for me to position between her legs with my own wide spread so our pink fleshy bits can rubb together. That would be nice

Everyone has a favorite position. I love to spoon and enter wife from behind. I can play with her **** and **** and get her off that way, or she will drape her leg over mine on her back and we can just lay there and move slightly and enjoy the love. Love making love to that woman. It is so relaxing and not strenous that way and when it is my turn to *** I just let my body melt into hers and we drift off to sleep. Wonderful.
Thanks for your story hon.

Very yummy Lips! My mouth is watering and my tummy is grumbling for your *****.

xx kisses

Thank you. Another frank and lovely description of your sex . You sound like a fantastically sensual girl

please please ! !

That just gave me a raging erection!!!!!!!!!


Wow just wow.
I have to wash my hands now.

bare hugs