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There is nothing I like better than to be in total control of a man. I love stradling a guys face and ordering him to lick my *** and ***** and if he doesnt do it the way I like, I squeeze the poor s.o.b's balls until he complies or cries for mercy. Nothing makes me come harder than seeing a **** drip as i tickle his nipples while riding on his face. Then I give the poor sap a squeeze as he groans and bucks in protest licking me as fast and hard as he can. I *** so hard I pee. I dont even try to hold it back, and if he knows what's good for him he will swallow every last drop if he still wants his balls to be attached when he leaves.
AliceLeboe AliceLeboe 46-50, F 18 Responses Jan 11, 2011

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It all sounds great, except for the swallowing pee part. I'm definitely not into that...

Hmmm.i might just like you heh.

Pee or squirt?

i want u squeeze my eggs

Now thats what i call a real good time you can smother me wit your wet pus or *** any day i'll just lie there begging for more i'd wanna do it right though not to sure about all that balls torture

I have been in that position many times thru the years. When my woman has me by the balls the last thing I want to do is make her mad.

i would love to be abused like this

My wife loves to *** this way!

once you have a grip on them you own me

I learned years ago once she's slipped her hand under my *** between my legs and has wrapped her fingers around my balls there's nothing I can do to make her let go of my balls and if she decides to dig her fingernails into my balls fourcing me to suffer unbarable pain shooting threw my balls, there's nothing I can do to stop her from making my balls suffer either so basicly I am ****** and the best thing I can do is what she tells me to do and hope she spares my balls from suffering.

Love it! and Love having my balls squeezed, pulled on and squeezed some more... I would love to have you sit on my face and ****, squeeze my balls until I fill up and them lick you clean while you squeeze them some more!

o yes your the boss my balls are your for the asking come and get a good licking from ***** licking fan x x

The song hurt so good comes to mind when I read this. <br />
You sound like fun

Your are my dream come true!!!!!

There are a lot of guys who love that type of abuse from a woman. Me for one. I never had a woman to abuse me like that but it is truely one of my fantasies. Please, don't forget the strap on.

Gosh I wish you would do this to me. I would love to lick your *** and ***** and have you pinch my nipples. I love it when a woman pinches my nipples as I eat her. Ummmmm would love to have you squeeze my balls real hard if I am not satisfying you. Please give me a chance to act this out with you.

Sounds like a good time had by all.

Oh god yes. When I come I twist his nipples hard... he opens his mouth to scream.. and gets a "mouthful" for his effort. The best part is you can actually hear him swallowing it since he is in the horizontal position which half the time makes me go off again.