I Admit It.........

~ I'm a big ole homebody. If I can get away with not going out. Then YAHOO! I perfer to stay in, cuddle up with a good book, a lover, or a movie & just wile away the hours. I love to stay in & cook for my love. When he gets home from a hard day at work, to have a hot homecooked meal waiting for him is my most important desire. To know that he feels loved & special, that is all I want to do. ~

~ I don't like going out to parties, bars, or even to dinner with friends. I will, if I HAVE to, but I would truly perfer to stay home. It is so much more relaxing to be home. I have no problem inviting my friends to my home, for some food, & perhaps a game of Pictionary or Headbandz. Heehee!! ~

~ But in all honesty, I'd rather just have that one special person to share my weekends, my life, & my home with. I don't want a partier.... I want another homebody. Someone who'll enjoy just being with each other. Know anyone like that? Anyone?? ~

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Mar 15, 2009