Strangling A Women

i like women's with slender neck... i love to strangle women..i feel great when i do that...
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I am a guy and I've always wanted a girl to strangle me. The thought of a woman having me completely at her mercy and with her denying me oxygen through her own strength completely turns me on. The thought of a woman sitting on my chest, my wrists beneath her knees, her hands tightly gripping my neck as she chokes me, has me in heaven.
Any girls who love to dominate guys and strangle them, inbox me! 😊

As i was having very strong desire of strangling any sexy girl with slim and beautiful neck. I don't know how it developed, but first time i really acknowledged it when i was seeing a movie, in which women in red gown came out of bathroom and doing makeups applying red lipstick in front of mirror and suddenly someone strangled her to death, while seeing that suddenly i sensed strong erection under my pant, as i was sitting with my family member, i felt very anxious and fear full.
After that i was very anxious for next two days and thinking myself psychopath killer. As i had heard Boston strangler story earlier. I started thinking may be i require physchaitric help because ,as that strangling scene was flashing every single moment in front of my eyes and arousing my sensuality with great ****** or u may erection.
I was very reluctant to say about it to anyone as i was thinking that , to who so ever i will tell it, will made my image as psycho in his or her view. so i hide it from everyone.
I started researching about it on internet , **** movies on net & various sources, from where ever i got the information. during that my research i came across various community of strangling on Facebook, orkut ,experience-project, Seeing it , i tried to intensify my research more, so i made fake profile over Facebook,experience-project and sent friend request to every strangle and choking fetish addict. during my research non stop for 2 year, i gathered many experience of many people on fb and experience-project. And reach to the conclusion that most were boys, who were suffering from it and most of them made female fake profile on both social media to attract other to be there friend.
Trait i noticed in almost all neck lover fetishist during my research are as follows
1) All had bitter experience of there childhood.
2) All were suffering from poor relationship problem with friends or relatives.
3) All were living in there imaginative world of fake fantasy, like describing false story of them that how they strangle the. First i listen to there story and even enjoyed myself to there story thinking, they r speaking truth. but my further research on it proofs that , actually many of them are just telling there imaginative story and actually fa-kingly living in that fake world. Which really they want it to happen really but cant get it.
4) Most of them were very fearful about there identity, they had feel of insecurity or untrustness over other.
5) Most were single.
6) Most shared there some story which was beyond normal expected by any normal individual.
7) Most were suffering from low libido or depression problem, may be this data may not be correct, because i haven't meet everyone personally and got the evidence. its merely on the pattern of there behavior , i make it out while chat or shared experience with them.
8) Most of them were under achiever ( what they expected from life , haven't got it really in there life) can say also compromised life.
9) Some of them even told that they even don't care , if even someone die while they were enjoying there fetish and they don't have any guilt of it, actually its really psychopathic trait. They love to see there victim in pain full situation and enjoy it.
10) Most of them told, this world is harsh place and it deserve the same from me in return. If i have suffered because of other cruel people , why should i bother about other feeling, emotion and pain. And it is the play just for Fun and even girls enjoy it.
But i found only 1% girl who really like to be choked or strangle and that to the girl , which suffered a high level abusive childhood or Low self Esteem girls, who says they are not beautiful and god made her to suffer by having birth to be ugly. She don't feel herself worthy of living.


i do. how do yoi want it done?

ya.....i want to strangle u.

Hi, I'm a woman with a slender neck. Anyone want to strangle me?:>

me!! :)

i do. how far do you like to go

i do i is a great feeling to put your hands round her neck then put your thumbs on her windpipe press firmly it good to have her neck in your hands strangling her good if theylet you know how much they enjoy it