Nubile Neck

I saw a neck of my dream . I went to a bus stand . She stood there with her friend . She was lean and white . Her face is beautiful .Before that i saw her neck . It is the neck of my dream. It is a slender one . I explain it from the bottom..
Her sholders were flat and her neck started suddenly
As we go up her throat begin to arose
At the joining of neck and head there is a small reduction in the throat..
I turned on while seeing this
I she is my gf then i lay her on bed
I place my thumb on the throat correctly on the place where head and neck joins
Slightly press the gap
I look at her face. Now i press it a little bit till her tongue pop out Slightly. U imagine how ..
Now i leave it . Again i press it forcibly. and take her a snap .
Now i put a rope on her nubile part Strengthen it slightly
Her addam's apple Will move up & down I watch it & if possible take a video of it
I tought of all these imaginations by watching her neck in the bus and got away from the bus
I wish i want a women with a neck like that to quench my fetish...
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neckfetishmy neckfetishmy
22-25, M
May 10, 2012