Choke Fetish

I have a few more stories to share that I have remembered or that have happened since my other post. I may even add to this if I think of more.

One year of high school I had last period off so I usually went home early. One day my second to last period teacher asked me to stay and help him with something. Our school had a rule that you could not leave in the middle of a period so I just stayed there and did homework or something. He was in charge of a club at school and a girl who I had a crush on and thought had an amazing neck came in to his classroom to work on something for the club. She had been the leader of my gym class freshman year, she was on the heavier side but still in good shape/hot. He left the room to go do something and said he would not be back. The computer faced the wall so her back was to me the whole time and I knew her well enough to be comfortable. We also were in completely different social circles and I knew her graduating in a few months and me next year there was little chance of this spreading. It was one of those times when you think of a way to work it into conversation and I usually get very 'excited' in a first encounter with someone. I didn't even try to fit it into conversation really. I walked up behind her and just said how’s the work going and put my hands around her neck with my fingers in front. She immediately said what are you doing in a laughing tone. She grabbed one of my wrists with one hand and the other tried to get under my fingers. I tightened my grip, my fingers pushed back and up inter her throat. She said what are you doing again and pulled my hands off. I kind of started to step back but I figured I should take advantage of the situation because chances like this are rare. So I got behind her and put her in a sleeper hold. I didn’t choke her but I liked this better because she couldn’t get out. For the next half hour I walked over every few minutes, probably 5-10 times total. I always used my hands first then my arms. Her hair was up which made it even better. She was sort of annoyed and more confused by what I was doing that mad. She let it happen but kept telling me to stop. When the period was almost over I really wanted to choke her with something. I looked around for things that weren’t out of the way. There really wasn’t anything good like a belt or cord. I had my backpack with me and it had those straps to tighten it that no one ever uses. I tried to sneak up behind her and I quickly wrapped it around her neck so it was crossed in the back and my arms were not so it felt natural. She said stop what are you doing and I said don’t worry about it just let it happen. I pulled her head back into my stomach and she leaned her had back so she was looking up. I pulled them tighter and she closed her eyes. I leaned over so I could see it wrapped around her throat. I could see when I pulled it that it tightened around her throat. She said what are you doing, stop and when she did I tightened it in the middle and could hear her voice change. I could hear her breath was cut off. Before she said stop I pulled it really tight, so tight that it interrupted the word and her tongue stuck out. I let her go and she asked why I was doing this. I didn’t answer because there was no way to not be creepy. I switched subject by telling her a much easier way to finish the work she was doing then sitting down. And she dropped it. When I knew the bell was about to ring I did it again. I quickly put the strap over her head and wrapped it around her neck and pulled her back. I didn’t choke her but I held it tight enough that she couldn’t get it off. I tightened it a little bit but more so pulled it up lifting her a little bit. The bell range and I released her and took a really long time to pack my things up so nobody noticed my ‘excitement’ in the halls and pretty much never talked to her again. I really hope she never told anyone.

Another experience was with the same karate girl from my other story. One time I was coming back from gym and she had it the same time as I did and our lockers were kind of close. I had a heart rate strap I was taking back and that was the only thing I had since it was after gym which was first period. I stopped at her locker and she got on her knees to stack her books and I couldn’t resist. I put it over her head and around her neck with my hands crossed behind her. It was very stretchy so I couldn’t actually choke her and she just pulled it off.

There was a girl at my work who I was pretty close with but did not find attractive. Her neck was sort of appealing but she was way too overweight and that kind of ruined everything. I worked basically as a telemarketer. A little different, I didn’t call people to sell things. It was more like tech support but we can call it telemarketing for this. We often sat next to each other in a back corner row often with no one within site. It was divided up into small sections so when not many people were working you could be basically isolated. She is very loud on the phone to the point when you cannot hear over her. One time I said you’re so loud, next time I can’t hear someone over you I’m going to reach over and strangle you. She said ooo yeah I like it rough in a sexy tone. A couple of times I put my hands around her neck. Never satisfying and she always said stop that hurts right away and turned around.

One day she was spinning in her chair and her headset cord rapped around her neck several times. The way she was sitting and everything it was actually pretty hot. Someone called right then and so she had to stop and focus on the person. I think I starred at her neck for the whole few minutes of the call. She had never turned me on before but this time she did. At the end of our shifts I had gotten done before her. I was about to get up to leave and noticed she was just getting off the phone. When she was finishing stuff on the computer with her headset still on I stood behind her and looked over her shoulder sand said whatcha doing? She said nothing just finishing up. I said you really need to stop yelling at people. I grabbed her headset and wrapped the cord around her neck and said this is your punishment. I had time to wrap it around her throat 3 times because she was still typing. When I grabbed the loose end and the slack in between her and where it plugged in I pulled it tight to choke her. She went to grab it. She grabbed the headset to take it off but my hand was closer to her than that so that did nothing. I didn’t want to cause a scene so I let go without getting to enjoy it as much as I wanted.

This one didn’t happen to me but a close friend I had a crush on and some random dude. I was early to class and she sat next to me. Another guy who liked her sat behind her to talk to her. We had assigned seats and we both sat in the right spot but he wasn’t. In a very obvious way to me he pretended to get mad and grabbed her neck from behind. I didn’t want to be obvious but I couldn’t look away. She looked pretty hot with her throat being squeezed and I sort of wished I had a chance to choke her.

Another time at a party with my GF at the time and a bunch of our friends I saw a girl get choked twice by the same guy. The 0first time he started wrestling with her and got her in a sleeper hold. She said stop you have my throat you’re gonna strangle me. He kept her there not choking her for almost a minute. Later in the party he snuck up behind her and choked her with a shoelace. It was really awkward to watch him do that but she looked pretty good with a string around her neck.

Same girl this time one of my friends. A Few times one of my friends has casually put things around her neck and walked away.

This next experience never happened to me but afterwards I really wish I took the chance. She set me up perfect and the thought didn’t cross my mind.
A fairly attractive girl I almost had interest in was alone with me at my house the weekend before a school dance. We got to talking about her dress which was black and red. My tie was black and red and I grabbed it and asked if they matched well. She asked me if I knew how to tie a tie and my mistake was showing her quickly on myself and explaining it too well.

I should have taken her in front of a mirror and show her on herself. Once it was tied I would have positioned us face to face and pretended to straighten it out and then push it too tight to choke her. Then take it off and say I would prefer girls wearing ties instead of boys and it would look better on them tied a different way because dresses don’t have collars. Then I would have wrapped it around her neck and tied it in the back. Not an actual knot, but just put one side under the other so it sort of stays in place but can still be tightened. Then I would get in front of her and drape both sides in front of her and say now its symmetrical and goes with a dress. And if your girl ever acts out of line you can do this. This is when I would choke her. She had a habit of sticking her tongue out when people put there hands around her neck. Then I would say why are you sticking your tongue out, that doesn’t happen when you get strangled. She would argue that it does and I would say let’s see. Then I would move behind her and strangle her from behind with the tie. Pulling it tighter and up. Even if her tongue stuck out I would say I couldn’t see. Then I would get in front of her and tell her I will put my hands around her neck and that I won’t hurt her. I would grab the middle of her throat and choke her and it would tickle. I would stop and then move my hands to the top of her neck with my thumbs directly on her throat. I would tell her to relax and slowly start pushing. Her tongue would protrude on its own and if she was relaxed and willing I would tighten my grip so hard it sticks all the way out. Pretending to be surprised and intrigued I would keep doing it and maybe have her do it to me and try choking her in different positions. Maybe even get us talking about my fetish and hope we could do it in the future.

Sadly I missed that chance. But I did have other chances to experience her throat. She had a skinny neck and her adams apple and windpipe were very visible. She had a very feminine neck, no actual bumb on her adams apple. One time when hanging out with a bunch of friends I said you have such a skinny neck. Can you get your hands around it like this. I got to see her grabbing her own neck which was kind of hot. Then I said let me try and compared them. I put my hand around her neck to see how much my fingers overlapped. I took my hand off and showed her then did myself again. Then I said I wonder how far they will go. I put my hands around her neck with one hand in front and one hand in back so her throat was in the gap between my thumb and first finger. I kept my thumb tips together and overlapped my fingers as much as I could knowing this was a good way to secretly choke her. She stuck her tongue out to the side and crossed her eyes and made corny strangling sounds for a second. That was the end of that and it wasn’t as exciting because of how many other people were around but I can still picture my hands around her throat.

Another time with a girl I had talked to choking about and at the time had never choked her. We were hanging out with friends and I made a necklace out of some small building toys. I asked her if it fit her. She took it and tried to put it on. It was a bit too short. We then added a few pieces and she put it on again. She showed me that it barely connected and had me hook the last piece. It fight just like a choker and sat at the base of her throat. It didn’t look like anything that could withstand being pulled tight so it wasn’t that attractive. I mostly liked that I could tell she was into me and that she was open about my fetish. I kind of missed a chance to do the same thing with her as the story above but it wouldn’t really have made sense because her neck was normal sized.

A fantasy of mine would be to one day actually choke a girl out. Preferably multiple times. I would like to have a girl let me tie her arms to a chair, then I would choke her from the front with my hands and let go right as I fell her go limp. Then move to the side and do the same thing. Then I would get a scarf belt and cord. Choking her to the brink of unconsciousness then letting go every time. Until I got to the belt. This time I would go slower and pull it tighter and tighter. When I feel her struggling I would keep the pressure and feeling her black out and not releasing for a few seconds would feel amazing. I probably will never do this because who would agree to that and it wouldn’t be the safest situation for either of us. Maybe one day I will find a girl who enjoys being choked.

Another fantasy would be to strangle a girl while she blows me and play a pretend game. Have a race to see if she can get me to finish before she blacks out. I would of course go slow and let her breath until I was really close. Then I would start to really strangle her and time it so I splooge and she has time to keep bobbing while I squirt a few times and then accept her fate and go limp with me still in her mouth.
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Wooow perfect! I wish i could be there when you tightend the belt around her neck with her tongue out of her mouth, struglling, kicking, blacking out. Would you please send me photos or videos when you do this?