Strangled Her Hard

One day when i returned to home i saw her in my home, She was the same girl from my old story.
She came here for vacation this time.
At the beginning, i controlled my fetish and does not touched her neck .
At one time she slept .
I sat beside her and touched her neck.
i felt her throat , pressed it slightly for 20 sec and released.
She took a deep breadth , and coughed for the whole night.
The next day when she was alone i went to her side and asked her what she is doing
She said she was wearing nail polish.
I asked her to lift her face up and felt her apple.
I asked her do you remember the thing happened last night.
She does not know any thing.
I held her neck by my hand and said her to put nail polish to her nails.
she looked me as to kill me and continued her work.
she finished her work and stood up , i also made her to stand in front of a mirror by a side and pressed her neck such that her shrunk neck is seen.
She left the room.
After some time, she was lying on the same bed, I went there and asked why are you sleeping now, and held her neck and i said as i punishment i am gonna strangle you and pressed her hard against the bed for 10 sec ( actually i counted) and released her , she had a huge inhale , I done it again , Her face turned red now, This time i lifted her and made her to lie on my lap and brought my face towards her and said "i like you u are beautiful and your neck to you have less moles on your face" and started counting it.
I noticed some one coming there so i left .
After an hour i noticed that she was in another room doing make up.
I went there also and made her stand in front of the mirror, I hole her neck by neck lock and lifted her. This strangled her and she shaked her legs to get rid of me, I left her and held her neck by my palm and saw her face , It was beautiful i liked to see it during strangled also but my aunt came , so i left her,
After some time she came to the bathroom to clean her face , I led her to my room , made her to stand before a wall , held her neck and lifted for a while and then took my towel and tied it around her neck and garroted her , Her tongue slightly popped out I liked it very much
at last she was sitting on the same bed , I sat beside her and asked her "can you guess what i am gonna do"
She said in a cool tone " You are gonna strangle my neck "
And then I asked " What do you think if i come and sat beside you , Is it annoying to you"
She said " no"
I asked her "Do you like being strangled"
She said " I don't know"
I said "If you don't like it , tell to me , I will not do it to you again"
She eagerly said " I don't like it"
I said " But I like it " and strangled her by pushing her head towards the wall.
That day went good for me:->

neckfetishmy neckfetishmy
22-25, M
May 4, 2013