My Xams

hey !! my xamsmost funniest thing that i and my family members ever experienced .whenever i have exam i satrt my search for finding where my books are and that one or two days ago...i remember one incident when i had my final exam of psychology in my bachelor's degree i cam eto know that i dnt have any  material to read .i told my dad to bring psycho book for me ..he said"when is your xam?"i replied"tomorrow". he was shocked and left the room.while cmg frm office in the evening he brought me book and throwit on my was 5 in the evening ...i took book and left for my dance class ..after my dance clss i had my dinner ..after that at 10 in the night i started my studies and left my books at 11...i wake up at 8 in the morning ..had bath and left for my xam...

result was quite well i secured 7 positin in my college...hahahahah.

i love studying one night before my xam..thats me..!!!!!!

motivatingsoul motivatingsoul
Mar 1, 2010