New York
A Night To Remember It must be fate how it has all come together. Meeting my Sir online and then being fortunate to be in New York City together. What are the odds that this would happen. I was staying at The Dylan Hotel on East 41st and my Sir would be at the Hotel 17 on East 17th Street. I got a message earlier in the day to meet him at the bar of his hotel at 8:00pm sharp. I was instructed not to be late but also not to arrive early because if I did, I would certainly face a punishment from my Sir. If I were to arrive late I would blow it and our night would be over before it began. Every minute I arrived early I would receive 2 spankings.

Normally my Sir does not like to be seen but because we are so far apart and had the chance of meeting in NY he has made a concession for me and agreed to meet for a drink before our very long night began. I was just putting the finishing touches on my look. It was fall in NY and cool but I still wanted to look hot. Before I dressed I wrote **** on my right *** cheek with a red marker then I decided on a black sparky mini skirt with black tights with a dark purple blouse with a plunging neckline, black heels and a red thong and bra (my Sir's favourite colour). I stained my lips red as I walked out the door with my black trench coat and purple bag and I hailed a cab to go meet the man of my dreams.

I pulled up to the hotel at 7:45pm and decided that I needed to show early because I always love a good spanking. I paid the cabbie and stepped out of the cab and walked into Hotel 17 and went left to the bar. It was 7:50pm now so I was 10 minutes early, meaning I would be punished with 20 spankings. I walked into the bar and our eyes instantly met and there was an intense desire to run to him and kiss him but I knew that would not be permitted, so I pulled myself together and confidently walked over to my Sir.

He pulled my chair out for me and I sat down and he whispered into my ear "***** you look absolutely stunning, I can't wait to see you on your knees". If I wasn't wet before those words he whispered to me sent passion through my body. He had a drink there waiting for me, vodka with sprite and for himself a diet coke. I drank it quickly and we were off to his room together. We entered the elevator alone and as the doors closed my Sir pinned me against the wall and nuzzled himself into my neck kissing me and exploring my body with his hands. He slid his hand under my skirt and instantly felt how wet I was for him. He pushed aside my thong and inserted 3 fingers and I started to moan from the feeling of having my Sir in me. My Sir got me nice and wet and took his fingers out and offered his hand to me. I took it and licked his fingers clean of my juices then he kissed me hard on the mouth. The elevator stopped and the doors open and we were at the floor his room was on. He took my hand and led me to his room.

He opened the door and there was a 4 post king size bed and a sitting area in the room. I noticed right away the restraints tied to the posts of the bed and my stomach flipped in anticipation of the night. As I was looking at the room I heard my Sir take off his coat and then he said "****, I want your coat, skirt and blouse off now, I want to look at you *****". I obliged and quickly undressed revealing the word **** written on my right *** cheek. My Sir was very happy with this and loved my choice of lingerie, the red lace bra and thong with black thigh high stockings but because I had arrived so early it was time for my punishment. My Sir sat down in the chair and instructed me to come to him. He put me over his lap and spanked me very hard, twenty times each time calling out "*****". It stung but at the same time it felt so good and invigorating. When he was done with me he pulled me into his lap and kissed me passionately, a reward for taking my punishment so well.

He put me to my knees in front of him and told me to undress him. I undid his belt and slacks and they dropped to the floor. I pulled his briefs down to reveal his thick hard ****. It was everything that I had hoped for. He said to me "I am going to **** your mouth NOW *****". I took his **** in my right hand and with my left I grabbed his balls and I started sucking him. I could taste his pre *** and it was warm and luscious in my mouth. I took him fully in my mouth and he started ******* my mouth hard. He grabbed my hair pulling me closer to him. I placed my hands on his *** now and I could tell he enjoyed this because he started ******* harder and moaning. I could feel that he was about to *** so I sucked even harder and I heard him say "**** your pleasing me immensely, I am going to *** in your mouth now and you will swallow every drop". My Sir let go completely and released in my mouth, filling me with his ***. I took every drop because I wanted him so badly and Idid not want to defy him on this. I could see the look of pleasure on his face and the need in his eyes.

He told me to get my *** over to the couch and bend over it. I got up and went quickly to the couch bending over it with my *** high in the air for him. He came behind me and ripped my thong from my body. I spread my legs and he griped me from the waist and entered my very wet *****. His **** felt so good inside me, where it belonged. I started moaning because this felt so good and so right. He started quickening his pace as I held onto the couch to stabilize myself. I could feel his balls slapping against my **** every time he thrust into me. He took his right hand from my waist and started to rim my *** and slowly slid in his finger and it felt amazing. At this point I was on cloud 9 from feeling my Sir in my *** and ***** and I was screaming because he was ******* me hard in both holes. My Sir kept thrusting hard into me and once he entered my *** with 2 fingers I felt the ****** hit me. I came so hard around my Sir's hard throbbing **** and once he felt me go I could feel him ******* deep into my *****. We were both in ecstasy as our juices blended together in my *****. Once we finished my Sir lay draped over my back, still in me kissing my neck. I had never felt so good in my life as I did in that moment.

My Sir told me to go to the bathroom to freshen up while he got some things ready so I of course obeyed him. I washed my face and just looked at myself in the mirror, almost in disbelief that this was actually happening. I finished up and came out of the bathroom. My Sir was wearing leather pants and he had nipple clamps in his hands. He told me to come over to him and he took my bra off. I could tell he was very pleased by my breasts because he took my left breast in his mouth and started sucking, my nipples instantly went hard. My Sir stopped sucking and placed the clamps on each nipple. I felt the pinch and it did hurt a little but it felt good. He said "okay ****, get your *** up on that bed so I can tie you up". I laid down on the bed and my Sir restrained my hands and feet. I was completely at his mercy now.

My Sir started rubbing my **** and this felt so good. I was so wet and moist for him. He entered me with 3 fingers and started to finger me faster. I couldn't help but moan from all of the pleasure my Sir was giving me. I was so close to ******* on his fingers and he stopped and said "***** do not ***, if you do I will punish you". Hearing him speak to me this way made me even hotter but I did not dare ***. He knelt over me and started kissing my lips and biting my bottom lip. He was such an amazing kisser and I could have laid there tied up kissing him forever. He untied my legs and arms. Then he turned me over on my stomach and I knew what was coming. I said to him "Sir, please **** my ***". He said back to me "****, I will have you any way I want you". I felt his **** slide into my *** and I was tight but it felt so good. He started off slowly thrusting in and out. I started moaning and this made my Sir respond by ******* me faster. He said "***** take your hand and start rubbing your *****". I moved my right hand underneath my body and starting rubbing my **** while I was grabbing the bedding with my left hand. He pounded into my ***, harder and faster with every thrust. The feeling of him being deep in me and my fingers in my ***** brought me over the edge and I started *******. I was screaming and moaning and my Sir loved it and I could feel it as he let go and filled my *** with his ***. I felt so complete at that moment, having him inside me. He finished and laid down beside me holding me and stroking my hair. We were both so happy with what had happened that we drift off to sleep in each other's arms.
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SO hot. So beautiful !!!!

wonderful night xo

I'd love to eat and **** your ***

OMG so hot and so well written. Thanks for sharing.

Damn hot story, so awesome to get the chance to meet up !

Very hot night

Love it. What a sexual and erotic evening


Hot. Very hot.


I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke

Very hot!

So sexy and naughty at the same time

Good girl...

bloody hell,wow

Your Sir is the luckiest guy on her.. You are one hell of a woman!! Your story made me explode in every way.. I can't wait to read your other stories. Take care and be naughty. If possible can you add me as a friend??

PS. I LIVE IN NYC SO, IF YOU ARE EVER HERE AGAIN LET ME KNOW ... I would love to hear your stories in person.

Nicely done, just what a good little sub deserves for obeying so well!

Quite the vivid picture you paint of a hot lust inspiring night ! wow !

So hot!

Love that story it got me aroused I felt like iwas there wen I read it wish u made a book how old we're u guys it looks u were teen agers

Now that was something


Made me horny... But made me sad too.

Why did it make you sad?

Just makes me want to have somebody. I've spent too much time with women I don't care for.

Well go out and find the woman that you deserve!

I did find one... but I got scared, so I pretended like I was angry and drove her away. I want to take it back.

Tell her that you were scared and that you want her. Tell her because you will always regret that you didn't.

Haha... well, I sent her a text that says I want her to give me another chance. Problem is, she's probably too mad... maybe worse.

Well send her flowers instead. Maybe she will take notice of that. I know I would.

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And love your av

Thank you, those are mine.

and they are spectacular

Mmmmmmm you have me throbbing right now baby xxxxxxx

Very hot indeed!

That read like a movie! An x rated one... Excellent

you are on fire.

This story made me so horny, you dont even understand. I would love to hear more message me sometime!

You're a lucky lady to have a master like him

We are not together anymore.

That's a shame

It is, but it is his loss.


Hard finding truly submissive females like you, a lot say they are but once things start happening they get cold feet

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Do you need a new master ?

Is this how and why yu became Shondha Ahmed of Sir's ex- and also ex- of kamal Chorbi? I thought so. Totally... Afroza chorbi.

oh good god... now I am on fire... ;)

Omg that's a hot story, you must be so happy now