Adult Lactation?

well my girl friend threw me a curve, lately she has been more vocal during sex i have always love to suck on breasts but she has been so much more into it she is to the point where she is squeezing her **** as to milk them and say suck harder mommy has milk for you, well the fist time i heard her say that i was like huh? but it really turned me on so i suck as hard and as long as she wanted me to and i found my self hornier than i have ever been wishing i could get a taste of her milk it also made her *** just by sucking her **** now its to the point where out of the blue she will say wanna milk mommy and i say to myself i wanna milk every pair i can get my hands on
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I think women with larger breast tend to love having their breast sucked. I love having my breast sucked for hours by my partner.

She could lactate with a prescription.

Yea but truth be told I just love to nibble and suck don't care much if there is milk or not

Yummy story!! Love the part about your wanting to milk every pair that you can get your hands on. Remember one thing - women who pump, have someone to latch on and feed from them and really keep their milk up can keep "feeding" well into their late 60's. Enjoy!!

Thank you so much i will try