3 Black Men, My Wife And I

I have sucked dicks since I was a very young man and have ****** many women. I do not like to be humiliated so was surprised when it actually happened. My wife and I attended a conference in New Orleans where the members attending were mostly black men. She went with me primarily because it was in New Orleans and she had never been there. My wife was very hot in those days and was very southern, the typical southern belle. We went on a trip with a group of the members and were the only white people on the trip ( a local sightseeing trip). My wife was the only woman. The trip was very normal for the most part except that one black guy in particular was really hitting on my wife and didn't care at all about the sights. somehow he managed to get his hands under her skirt and was seducing her big time long before I noticed anything unusual. At the end of the trip, he had succeeded in having my wife wanting to be ****** by him and he indicated quite strongly that she was going up to his room with him and his 2 buddies. She didn't resist and was obviously going along so we went there. The guy wasted no time in getting my wife undressed and ******* her while the other 2 guys forced me to suck their dicks and made fun of me. my wife and I spend the night in that room while being constantly ******. I had to suck all their dicks many times, was ****** by all 3 in my ***, cleaned my wife and the men. It was absolutely humiliating and somehow I loved the whole thing. So did my wife who spent most of the remaining conference on her back or stomach with BBC's in her. I also manged to suck a ton of BBC's as well. great trip.
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wow, arousing...

so hot, i am dripping precum now, i got to go jerk off, wish my wife would do it, how can i bring it up with her, she is old fashioned and it would have to be subtle with a loop hole to get out of the question,??? any suggestions please help me...

oops, I need to go clean myself up and change my undies after that story.

Hot ******* story...I love your submission to cuckolding. Good Girl!

Good boi. White couples who serve BBC together, stay together. Or not, it doesn't matter, so long as you know your place. If I'd been there I would had the bucks all *** on your wife's stomach and had you lap it up the mess, then would have made you jerk off onto your belly, then used our **** streams to wash your weak seed away down the drain.

That's so hot. Love taking **** after a few hung blacks have used me.