My Wife's Feet

To say that I am obsessed with my wife's little tootsies would be the understatement of the year, they are the subject of all my favorite fantasies. I enjoy looking at feet period. But the ones attached to my wife just rock my world. Slender soles and high arches served fresh from nylon.............mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Its strange realy because when we first met she was convinced that she had ugly feet, felt that her toes where out of preportion and could never understand foot fetish, or why a guy would desire to suck on them. I like to think that after almost ten years she now understands.
ftWill ftWill
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 4, 2012

I know your feeling buddy.
My wife also has the same effect on me.

Add me please.

i love to lick and kiss my wife's pretty litle feet and toes. she's not into as much but the other night i was licking ang kissing she stuck her bother foot up to my mouth.i start at her toes and feet and kiss and lick my way to her *****.then i bury my tongue into her *****. i love to kiss and lick her toes and feet in her thigh high stockings. i love to kiss and lick her arch of her feet.i would love to suck her toes more but she's not as comfortable with that yet.she is enjoying it more now.