First Taste.

The first time I swallowed was on my honeymoon.It was the first time I ever sucked ****.My friends told me how it would taste and I took their word on it.

The night of our honeymoon I found myself ready to go down on my husband when my fears came rushing at me.

What if it tastes awful.Do I spit or swallow?

Will it make me sick?I heard of people getting their stomaches pumped from swallowing.

What if he grabs my head and forces his **** down my throat.Do I fight or bite?

After a few seconds,I had him in my mouth and I was bobbing up and down his ****.

When the time came,he gave me a warning.I kept bobbing till he filled my mouth with his warm ***.

It wasn't as bad as I thought.It did taste a little salty and it was very thick.I had to swallow several times to get most of it down.My husband even got up and got me a glass of water to help was it down.

After that,I was hooked.I've sucked his **** every day since.Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.More if we're off work.

And yes,I've swallowed ever time.

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15 Responses Mar 12, 2010

damn i think im in love haha

you are an awesome woman with a great attitude...cheers

I hope he returns the favor and eats you too?

Cool. Your husband is a lucky guy to have such a sweetie as you. I think I would run out of *** really fast with that many bj. He's balls must be working overtime to keep up. LOL. How many bj do you estimate you give in a week ?

I always swallow because I love it and I want to be a good **********.

You are AWESOME!

A litte creme de menthe or liqueur right afterwards is nice...

Very nice, **** tastes nice, if I'm ************ alone I swallow my precum and ***.

You sound like the perfect wife. Lucky guy.

Amazing. I got married and the BJs stopped. Lucky guy. She is definitely a keeper.

Your husband is surely one lucky guy to have you

Your hubby is very lucky to so much head!! Go girl!!!

What a romantic story. I wish I could say that I first swallowed during honeymoon.<br />
Great writing, love Hadar

Sounds good! ...only too bad you're already married... ;)

Oh yes. Swallowing is the only way ... at least for me.