Love Wet Business Suits

Of all of the forms or wetlook out there, nothing is more alluring to me than a fully clothed swim in a business suit. I will qualify the statement above slightly, by stating that I am a transvestite, and I strongly prefer swimming in a woman's business suit to that of a man. I also enjoy seeing others swim in their office clothes, but am really only attracted to seeing women or perhaps a sexy tranny swim in their clothes.

The ideal outfit is typically a skirt suit with a blouse. I can also be a skirt/blouse combo, or a nice dress suitable for the office. A jacket is preferred, but certainly is not required to get my complete and undivided attention.

I also appreciate attention to details and accessories. If I'm going to go swimming in my clothes, I really must be wearing hosiery (pantyhose or stockings with holdups) and high heels. To remove the shoes or go in bare legged would simply be like having an ice cream sundae without any sauce, whipped cream or cherry - and hence, just not an ice cream sundae.

I also like it when the hair and make up are done up in a business like manner, along with a nice manicure/pedicure, jewelry, etc. I guess that the more one is dressed in something that really shouldn't end up in the water, the more I want to wear it or see it.

One of my fantasies includes an after hours office meeting around the pool with a woman (or women) from work. We are having drinks, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Perhaps dangling our heels and letting our skirts ride up our thighs a bit too far. One thing leads to another and someone either jumps in with their clothes on, or gets pushed in by someone else. Ultimately, we would all end up in the pool in our clothes (hose and heels included - afterall - this is my fantasy - LOL).

Of course, hands would roam across the nice wet fabrics, and eventually lips would meet, lipstick would smear, and extreme pleasure would be experienced!!
BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
56-60, T
Jan 7, 2013