I've Done It Twice...

I was thrown into a lake by my father about 5 years ago.  I hadn't brought a change of clothes because it was still too cold for swimming.  Nearly lost my glasses too.  I didn't talk to him for about 2 days.

Later I worked for a gov't agency tracking endangered species.  The other intern and I were working at the end of the summer pulling out the PVC pipes and putting them on the other side of the dune so the winter storms wouldn't wash them away.  It was the hottest day in August, so every 3 PVC's we would jump into the ocean in our uniforms to cool off.

And boy, did those brown canvas shorts CHAFEEEEE! Ouch :-)
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1 Response May 21, 2010

Sounds like your experiences of swimming fully clothed have not been nice so far!!!I hope that you do try it again though,hopefully with an outfit that you will find to be comfortable,even after it has gotten wet!