How To Unwind After A Long & Tough Week!

I remember a couple summers ago in the middle of July, I got together with my friend Laura. After a long day at work dealing with conference calls and visiting customer sites, I was so anxious to get the weekend going that I didn't even bother going to my apartment to change clothes. I wore dark green denim, a man's long-sleeve dress shirt which I had knotted just above my stomach and high-heeled sandals. I parked my car and went to meet up with Laura at one of our favorite pubs by the Santa Monica Pier. I got to the pub and Laura was already at the bar. She looked like she was ready to Rock Out! Her nice blond hair fell a mere four inches below her shoulders and wore a black (Heart Concert) T-shirt, light blue jeans and black pumps. Since our boyfriends are out of town for the weekend, we decided to party up a bit and gulped a few Malibu's (our favorite drink) and played some classic rock and 80's music on the juke box. Nothing like living your youth, ya' know?

Afterwards, Laura and I decided to walk off the buzz, so we decided to head by the pier and go for a stroll along the beach. On the way down the steps, we had taken the liberty of removing our shoes, and headed for the water edge. The water was indeed still warm and I basked in the pleasure of feeling the surf cascade over my feet, washing against the bottom edge of my jeans and gently tugging at them like a caring hand massaging my legs. Laura was also commenting on the weather was and how the water felt. We continued talking about the weekend ahead as we walked the shore. As the conversation continued, I had involuntary took a step forward toward the water, but was pleased to see Laura following me out into deeper water. We continued walking slowly as we talked for 15-20 minute until the waves were occasionally hitting our knees. (Let's face it, Santa Monica Beach takes forever to get deep.)

Unable to contain myself with leaving so much of me dry, I suggested to Laura that we should go swimming. "Sure why not?" she said. We then dropped our shoes on the sand and headed back towards the water. I steered us both out to deeper water. We had stopped at about waist level. I just loved the way the fabric of my jeans moved about me. Each wave would move the silken fabric across my legs. I could feel the bottoms of my jeans rising up under my calves and then back down as each swell came and went. Both Laura and I were laughing like crazy.

Laura and I struggled to keep from going under. However, I was caught off guard, I lost my footing and went beneath the surface. I came up sputtering with my hair over my face. Laura was laughing histarically. She then told me that on the next wave we would dive under it. When the wave came we both held on tight and dove underneath. We surfaced and we both started laughing. We were just enjoying the whole experience: the feeling of the water and our clothes, the sounds of the ocean, the ocean air, and the sunset. We spent the next 1/2 hour to 45 minutes frolicking in the water, swimming and riding the waves till sunset.

The sunset was just beautiful. Watching it from the beach is nice, but seeing it while in the water brings a more self intimate feeling. There's no way to describe it, one just has experience to get the feeling. After a while we both started getting chilly so we trudged out of the water, got our shoes and quickly headed back to my car and drove to my condo. By the time we got there we were both pretty cold and shivering. We got in the apartment and I said to Laura there was a Jacuzzi and we headed right to it. There were a couple already in the Jacuzzi but we both just hoped right in as soon as we could because we were both still pretty cold. We got some really funny looks from the couple that was already in it but we explained what happened and they laughed along with us.

When the other couple left we decided to stay for a while. Finally, we had both warmed up so after awhile we got out of the Jacuzzi and we went up to my apartment so I could change. Laura waited in my kitchen so she wouldn't drip too much on the floor even though I'd given her a towel. I came out wearing shorts and a t-shirt and asked Laura if she wanted to change into something but she said she didn't mindĀ if I drove her back to her car still wet. I guess we both know how to unwind after a long & tough week, hehehe!

Peace & Love Everyone.


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Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience Diane!!!It does sound like LOTS of fun!!!

That sounds like a lot of fun.