Continued, My Girlfriend Loves To Get Wet!

this is continuing with my Girlfriend who now LOVES to get her clothes wet!

specifically getting her silk dresses wet!

she enjoys the feeling so much, she ends up getting an ******! i don't know how much detail i can give here, but she wants to get  her silk dresses wet everyday if possible! which is usually her wearing her silk dresses in the bath, ending up with us making love in her wet silk dress!!!

i've got to say, what an experience!

however, my thoughts are, could this get old soon? how long could she want to keep getting her clothes wet? i don't have an issue with it , just that too much could get old.

anyone have any thoughts?

also, we were at the mall one day and she got all excited! she went to a women's store and saw a dress she liked, it was silk( a Fuchsia  colour) she tried it on, and was in love with it! it cost us $350!!!

she smiled all the was home. she went upstairs to try on the silk dress again. i really had no idea what she was up to. she ran a bath(i didn't even hear the water running) then she called me to come upstairs.

as i found her in the washroom sitting on the edge of the bath filled with water, i asked what she was doing? she said she was going to take a bath in her new silk dress, and wanted me to be with her.

i got mad at first, it was a $350 silk dress!!! and she wanted to get it wet already!

she wore her new silk dress in the bath anyway, and pulled me in with her, and yes, we ended up making love.

my question is, can she still wear this silk dress out or is it  just for getting wet now? that was her intention the entire time!

that dress was too expensive to get wet! where do we draw the line?

i hope there are some women who can comment on what i should do.

thanks everyone.
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i love love love gettin wet in my dresses and skirts and yes it sexually excites me too . but i wear clothes you can wash ...however enjoy the lovemaking and it never gets old ...believe me

and yes i am female and love gettin wet since i was a little girl

I agree with Jane. If something so simple can give such a profound pleasure I say go for it. I am a hopeless rain walker. When there is a soaking rain, I cannot help throwing on jeans and a t shirt and taking a nice wet walk. I once had the chance of getting caught in the rain at a nude lake. Naturism for me is a spiritual experience, I enjoy the feeling of being enveloped by nature, there truly is no substitute for this. When it rained at Hippie Hollow, I felt like I was being purified as if I was a part of nature.

I'm a woman and I agree that the price of the silk dress is too expensive. But what she does with it once it's bought is up to her. If you can wash the dress in a machine then wearing it in the tub isn't going to hurt it. Too much of a good thing may not be good, but it's rare that a girl can find an activity that makes her that happy, and when she does, I say let her enjoy her happiness(as long as as it doesn't go against the law, or harms anyone n such) lol Let her know that "Hey, this makes you happy, but lets enjoy it, not abuse it." ;)

Like BizSuitStacey I too am not female, but also like getting wet whilst dressed in womens clothes. I too have found that 'dry clean' only' garments will take getting soaking wet very well on the whole. I find that if I hang them up on proper hangers and let them drip-dry they are usually fine. Putting them in the spin drier or tumble drier is a definite no-no, unless you want to ruin them completely. Again, as said above, the more expensive the item the better it seems to survive. I have several silk skirts of the bridesmaid, wedding and ball-gown variety and I get them wet regularly (completely saturated). Properly dried and pressed they still look like new! On the other hand I had a budget-priced silk skirt and the first time I got that wet it shrank as it dried out; so much so that polyester linig ended up longer than the silk outer. But who cares if it's something you (or your partner enjoys then embrace it. Lots of people have expensive pass-times so why shouldn't getting expensive dresses wet be one of them? Just go for it!

Good to hear that you can accept her wetlook. You should join the wetlook with her so you will understand more how she feels. Just in case you don't like it, you don't need to. But for me, it would be fun to swim in clothes together. She and you will look much more sexy with your clothes on.

I think let her do what she loves. She loves to get soaked, so you can join her happiness. Just in case, you don't like it, you may step back and let her enjoy her life. It doesn't matter to get her clothes wet at all. You and she should believe in love of both. Having fun together in what all of you love, accept each other behaviors. That would be fine.

While I am not female, I do enjoy get wet in women's clothing. And wet silk is a wonderful feeling. I totally understand why your gf loves it so much. <br />
<br />
As far as the survival of the clothing:<br />
I've found that a lot of dry clean only clothing will tolerate getting wet rather well. It does vary depending on the garmet, how you go about getting it wet, and what you do afterward. For example, a lot of dry clean only silk garmets do well with hand washing - so showers and baths can be fine. Swimming pools, on the other hand, are loaded with chlorine can be murder on some fabrics. <br />
<br />
Better quality clothes usually are constructed of higher quality material, and use better quality dyes. I bought an inexpensive silk cocktail dress, and the colors bled like crazy when it got wet. But I also have a fairly nice evening gown with matching bolero jacket that's been wet a few times and still looks like new.<br />
<br />
The high price tag is no guarantee, but my guess is that it was color fast (didn't bleed) and if it was left to hang dry, probably still looks like new.