Omg Yes!

It feels sooo good in a weird way, I love how the clothes cling to your body when you get out of the water. It feels awesome. I also love taking showers clothed just for fun sometimes. (:
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Mmmm I love getting soaking wet fully clothed such a huge turn on

Finally someone who truly understands me C:

Last summer at a lake, I introduced my girlfriend to swimming in clothes. She just loved it! She's joined me in the shower and bathtub fully clothed since then. She loves the feeling of the clothes caressing her body when she is in the water, and the feel of them against her body when she comes out. She looks great, dressed and soaking wet. Places we'd like to try soon are: in a hot tub, public pool, and at a sprinkler park. The ice is coming off the creek now, we'll be in it before long! Love being wet!!

sure does feel great , the clingy wet heavyness and also love the squelch of shoes, you cant beat jumping in shower just as you are on a hot day or after a busy day at work ,its fun aswell as sensual x

i want to and need to meet you in person i love this story!

Body suit skirt and pantyhose with 5" heels... Swimming, showering or bathing... In a lake, stream river, brook, pond, puddle or lake... I just gotta get soaking wet.

i would love to meet u. wet skinny jeans on a girl is sooo hot.

I like being dressed in business attire when I get wet. Tight jeans and a clingy top can work wonders as well!

I like slips and skirts around my legs while swimming. Can get really heavy when you get out though.

Skinny jeans and a tight fitting shirt =D