The Beginning

I was about 7 that time. Or, moreover, already 7. Big deal, if you got a good memory.
In the yard of a big building of the big city, after rain, an already 7 me was riding bike. One puddle, another one. Smaller first, bigger then. The desert one was wide and, I didn't realize it, deep.
My bike was starting joyfully, impediments came soon. First experience of pedaling into water, up to my knees, the bike's on strike to go, nothing like this was expected... On right board!
Ugh! Realizing the situation. Warm bath. Everything's terrible, but too late, means nothing's terrible. What's about the bike? All right.
Driving the bike on shore. The clothes (trousers&jersey) are heavy-fit, but... I would say you, this life is fit (even if heavy)! To hell the bike! Profit the chance!
Swimming in a yard hole filled with warm rain water, I forgot the past and the future. The last one was quite uncertain, because mom is holy and what is holy is terrible.
Finally i got mercy, not justice. I confessed myself in "falling into puddle" (why all these details of how long I was falling?). Mom laughed and sent me taking the shower. Taking my clothes off took some time: they were heavy and the shower was hot and wet.
earlsigurd earlsigurd
Feb 26, 2011