My First One!

I was in standard 7 or so. I was preparing for the school, it was summer in India and temp would be somewhere around 35 degree centigrade or so. I was feeling very hot and I had to walk almost for 10 minutes across a field where there is no tree or shade. I was feeling really bad. when I was talking bath, suddenly the idea came in my mind!! Why don't I take bath with after wearing my school uniform and make it little dry (so that water does not drip from clothes) using towel and then leave home for school and walk across the field? I may feel better, I told to myself.

At the same time, I was afraid that my parents should not see me in that condition. It would be easy to understand my shirt is wet but not the trousers as the school uniform was white shirt and navy blue trouser. However, I got courage to give a try and also thought of a reason also (if I get caught, I shall tell that the dress suddenly fall into the bucket of water). So, slowly I got dressed in school uniform, took bath and use towel to remove the extra dripping water from the clothed. I came out of the bathroom slowly, to see if my parents are near or not. Good that my Dad had already left for office and Mom was in kitchen.

So, I quickly picked my school bag, pushed my feet into the shoes and shouted to Mom "I am leaving" and then ran out of the house in sun shine!

Wao, what a great feeling! My wet white shirt and blue trousers was giving such a beautiful wet and cool feeling - I cannot explain in words. I walked slowly towards the school, took little extra time to reach, so that I can feel the comfort for longer and also the dress dries up mostly and no one can suspect.

Believe me, no one would suspected that I came in wet uniform, though the collar of the shirt and waist and pockets of the trouser was still wet and giving a very nice feeling.

I started practicing this almost ever for everyday during summer and it was a great feeling.
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Good story. If you have any other experience about swimming or wet clothes, don't hesitate to share to us. Will you be my friend? We have the same taste. I may talk to you about your wet experiences. Email me or msn at Bye!