Swimming In High Heels

I love to swim in heels, and love reading stories about how silly it's supposed to be. Silly? It's sooooo much fun! I love getting dressed in anything from a nightgown to a blouse and skirt to slacks or jeans, always with nylons, and then slipping into my heels, knowing that they're going to be soaking wet and sexy before long. I'll sit by the edge of the pool and dip them in over and over, or lay back in the bath where I can see them glistening and dripping, with my nylons drenched as well. Only once did I have a stranger see me walking out of the river in a blouse and jeans, his eyes growing ever wider as I emerged with my shoes on . . . he didn't say anything, but his wide-eyed expression seemed to indicate that they just don't do things like that on his planet!
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He must have been on the wrong planet then, as that sounds really sexy to me !

Hi I like to swim in my clothes and boots also, it feels good,

Hope to read more of your stories Pinkie. ;)

I love getting my clothes, especially jeans, wet, however, my wife doesn't share ,my enthusiasm. And i enjoy watching women getting their clothes wet. A woman in wet jeans and heels is so sexy.

If that had been me, I would have asked you if we could do a mutual heels wade-in.

but how do you get a lady to have a swim in high heels

wow i wish all this time i thought i was alone i love to see women in high heels swimming only seen it iin the movies and the web never in real life maybe one day

The more dressed up you are, the more erotic. Elegant dresses with heels and stockings even more so. Do you think you would ever consider climbing out of the pool dressed like that and walking straight into a massive piefight?

I am with Paulypeeps, nothing nicer than to slip into the pool in your club gear ;-) , it's nice when you get out as well....

I agree 110% Pinkie, oh how I lust to go swimming fully dressed en femme. Thank you for sharing and please feel free to add me.

They are always having fun in those youtube videos where people are soaked to the skin in their elegant outfits.

I have to agree as well. Go in as you are, no concessions, and the nicer you are dressed, the more erotic the experience. Swimming fully clothed feels wonderful, and I agree with Pauly, swimming in your high heelscan be easier than walking in them. My favorite outfit to swim in is a business suit with nylons and heels. <br />
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Like yourself, Pinkie, I enjoy getting dressed in almost anything if I'm planning to get it wet later. And regardless of the outfit I choose, it always includes nylons and high heels. The look of shining wet nylons is amazing and the feel is so erotic. I also love the squishiness of wet heels too.<br />
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Diving or jumping in is my favorite way of getting wet. Going from being completely dry to the sensation of suddenly soaked, where everything you have on is now plastered to your body is so erotic. And just as WetCouple said, doing this wearing something others wouldn't dream of just adds spice to the experience. I love the naughtiness of going in with all of your clothes on.

LOVE your story and agree totally, Pinkie! And Pauly, I think you hit it on the head - so nice to not make any concessions, just get in exactly as you are - without care about what clothes you're wearing, what shoes you're wearing, or anything else! In fact, for us the more dressed up we are, the more sensual and erotic it is - because we're willing to plunge in without a second thought when most wouldn't DREAM of getting wet in such elegant, expensive attire! My wife often surprises me when I least expect it - by stepping casually into a fountain or pool in expensive heels and stockings - which often ends up with her entire outfit (and mine too) ending up soaked.

It is so nice to not make any concessions to swimming, just get in as you are. I love to swim in heels because they are no problem to swim in, if sometimes a little uncomfortable to walk in. Swimming in my clubbing outfit is a lovely way to relax after clubbing.<br />
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