How To Get Your Clothes Wet.

It was very nice weather in the area were I live, but this morning thunderstorms were predicted.I Checked the weather radar on the internet and noticed a major storm was approaching. So I decided to get wet. I put on white boxer and white long pants, socks and a long sleeved shirt. And I took a fleece jacket because they become very heavy when wet. I got in my car and drove to the woods for a walk near the river. When I arrived the clouds are growing already and the light became special wich is always the case when a storm is approaching. So I started to walk. After ten minutes it started to rain. I took the fleece jacket off and let the rain soak my shirt and pants. But it was not raining hard enough to get soaked. In fact the storm was breaking up and it stopped raining. I was walking near the River, and took my jacket on because I had a plan B. Because of the weather nobody was around, and I looked to the River and walked straight in. The water was cold but not to cold so I walked until the water was coming to my waist. I feld my pants clinging on me and enjoyed this feeling. The next thought was  ‘go for it’. The River was getting deeper quickly so when I was moving further in the water drenched my shirt and fleece jacket. I started to swim and enjoying the feeling of the wet clothes around my body.
When I came out the water the fleece felt very heavy and a lot of water runs out of it. I looked of nobody was around and returned to my car. It was a walk of 2 kilometres and the hole walk my fleece was dripping and keep my pants clinging at my the complete walk. Iwonder what the reaction was like someone had seen me, because this could not happened through the rain.
When I approached my car ( a very old VW) I stepped right in and soaked the seat. I don’t bother.
When I came home I took a clothed shower and rest you can guess I assume.
A great way to start the day.
Greetings and thanks for reading.
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2 Responses May 22, 2011

I walked home from a bus stop after work one day just to feel the rain on myself. I had my coat under my arm and somebody asked me why I wasn't wearing it. I told them somebody at work put itching powder inside the coat as a joke and they left me alone. I didn't get soaked but was damp by the time I got home.

I used to go walking in the rain and play in the guttters when it rained really hard. I always had a shirt and pants on. Best part was when the street lights would go out due to the lightning flashes. Very little traffic at 2-4 in the morning.