Tennis Anyone

i wrote this story about 6 years ago

please tell me what you think
its based on a dream relationship i wanted with a lady at work
if you like i have some more i can post

Tennis Anyone

It was one of those wonderful summer days I manage to have the day to myself, the garden was tidy and i was at a loose end so I decided to take a stroll over the local playing fields, come cricket ground and tennis courts.

Now I’m very lucky because our playing fields have a river running along it’s boarders and of course where there’s a river you could find some wet fun.

Sadly there only seem to be the local kids swimming about and having fun so i sat down on the bench and just watched the river float by

I was just about to start a walk home when a girl crept up behind me and covered my eyes and said guess who??

It was Sam from my works,

Sam worked in the warehouse. She was about 30, a large girl but not fat, however great fun to work with, you can have laugh with her, and she never worried about breaking a nail or getting her hands dirty, you know the type.

She was dress in a white skirt and white trainers and white polo tee shirt

Hi I said surprised to see her, what you doing over this way I asked,

Sam said, “Her tennis partner of a sister didn’t show up so I’m on my way home when I saw you

I don’t play tennis though, I said and laughed

That ok she said we can have a little knock about just gently hit the ball with the racket back a forward to each other, it be ok I wont slam any of my fast serves pass you, in case the ball goes in the river and it’s the only one i got with me today so I cant afford to lose it, she continued

The first few hit were easy, so I got to feel how hard to hit the ball so it would just bounce in front of her,

Cool she said now move back a bit so we can make it a bit more of a game, but you still don’t have to hit the tennis ball to hard she warned

But the warning came too late I caught the ball in the sweet spot of the racket and it sailed away and bounced over Sam’s head and landed in the shallows of the river.

I gulped in horror and ran over to Sam

Saying I’m sorry but Sam told me not to worry it’s only just in the river she bent down and reached for it with her tennis racket picking it up and shook it towards me

I smiled as the spray hit me

Hay stop it I said

Do you want to continue I asked

Yes sure why not it’s only a damp tennis ball now, but if you do that again you can fetch it. She said

Can I have the river behind me then so I can’t hit it too hard, I suggested

She just smiled and said ok

We swapped places and I continued the game

I missed more returns than I hit back to Sam but I noticed how Sam started to move closer as she hit the ball

Then I managed to return a volley it caught Sam off guard and she swiped it and it shot pass me and in to the river,

I bugger! She said

Oops I said as we saw the ball slowly floating about.

I better get it as it was my stupid fault Sam said

No it ok I get it

I stepped in to the river the water was only knee deep and waded to wards it

With my tennis racket i tried to reach it but my reach wasn’t long enough, i waded out a bit more and did that final stretch and managed to get the ball close enough the scoop it up with the racket

I stood there in thigh deep river turned around to claps from Sam as I threw it to her

I didn’t expect Sam to catch it

i thought she would let it land safely on the ground

But she did and the spray from the river showered her

yuk! She called out as the droplets shower her

What you do that for she called out

I just laughed saying “well you caught it!”

She then threw the ball back at me, aiming to the river so the spray would catch me

I picked the ball up and did the same, only difference the ball landed in the river too far away for her to reach

I watched and waited to see what she would do

She saw where the ball was and where I was and seem to think about it forever,,,,,, however she then stepped into the river and walked to where the ball was floating picked it up she wasn’t that deep just above her knees, she started wading towards me

I watch as the water raised to the hem of the skirt before she threw it at me

The spray showered my back as the ball landed and I turn away to dodged the ball

When I looked round again for my turn I saw Sam moving towards the middle the river

The water now was at her waist and her skirt was completely under, careful Sam I said it get deeper the more toward the far bank

It’s ok it’s only waist deep here and if it goes any deeper you have to get it for me as you are taller than me, she smiled

Ok I said, catch , I threw the ball gently at Sam and she caught it then she threw it back, the ball landed short of me so I waded to it, the river was now a little deeper then my waist

Again a threw her the ball and it was a bad threw for me as it landed a little way from Sam,

Sorry I called

Sam looked at it and then at me and move toward it and shirked as the river rose up a little further, she got the ball but now the water was half way up her chest,

I just looked at her and smiled, in my mind she looked like heaven and I was in heaven

Hang on I said let me loose this I showed my racket I still had hold of

She nodded and I rushed to the side of the bank put the racket on the grass and moved out to be level to where she was.

I called out to her are you going to throw the ball she looked at me and then the river and the wet tennis ball

Look at me, I’m standing chest deep in a river playing catch, do you think there is something wrong with this picture, she continued,

I thought she was going to get out and I had over pushed her

So I said no of course not I call it having a little fun, when we should be sensible,

Why should all the kids have the fun anyway, I know I am, and I like the company I’m with

She looked at me and then she did something I couldn’t believe she threw the ball on purpose to the far bank in between us and then said race you to it and before I could react I saw Sam took the plunge and swam after it, she got there moments before me, and was treading water, her blonde hair was a mess but soon corrected when she bobbed under, her white shirt swelled about her and I looked in to her eyes, as she looked at mine I could see they were a glow,

You ok I asked, this is something I never planned doing when we first stepped into the river

It ok, she said nor did I

But I have cooled down a little but next time I want to cool down I will bring my swim suit

Don’t you dare I said

She looked at me all strangely with a tilt of her head

And then she bobbed under again

We were floating down stream with the currant and soon we found a shallow spot but still quite deep

Why can’t I bring my swim suit with me she asked

Well I said you can’t play tennis in your swim suit very well

I giggled, yes that’s true, but you can’t play tennis very well at all.

I just laughed with her, come on we better get back to the rackets she said

And we swam ashore and waded to where we were put the rackets.

I watched her get out as the white clothes drained the water from her.

Thanks for the game, I enjoyed it, I said,

Thanks for getting me wet, I enjoyed that, Sam laugh and gave me a peek on the cheek.

As we walked across the playing fields no one notice that we were wet, then some kids ran passed us carrying an air bed and a blow up dingy,

They look like they going to have some fun, she said turning around to watch them,

Yes I said,

Then she said we have to try that next time, see if I will stay drier.

If you want I said, but no swim suits allowed.

Sam just smiled at me.

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4 Responses Mar 17, 2012

Yes, enjoyed the story - thanks!

Great story & a fun read. Thanks!

I know a lady who has some really nice tennis outfits. I would love to throw her and some of her team mates in the water in their hot clothes. I would not mind if they tthrew me in multiple times.

Wonderful story, Sam must be looking great in wet white T-Shirt and white skirt :)