I'm A Wetlook Tragic

I have been in love with swimming in my clothes since i was a young teenager. Over the years the love of wet clothing has grown even stronger. Leaving school and earning an income only made my wetlook even more fun.
Because of my love of swimming with my clothes on, this also means i spend a lot of time shopping for clothing and the nice stuff. When i shop for clothing i look for the soft material; silks, satins, Lycra and leathers. But i also own a lot of denim and Cotton.
I have recently gone one step further and started wearing woman's clothing. Evening gowns, short dresses and Lycra and liquid leather tights and leggings. [ I still feel like a man and i have a girl friend ]
I have swum at the beach and creeks, stood under the shower, soaked myself in the bathtub, But i have never swum fully clothed in a pool, but it is something a do dream of doing.
I have taken my love of wetlook to a whole new level, where i have a computerized system in place which tells me what i will wear, to get wet in next . The reason for the computerized system, is to mix and match and wear everything in my wardrobe and that i don't have clothing just sitting in my wardrobe.
I'm a wetlook Tragic, there is not a day that goes by when i am not getting wet fully clothed and i am not going to stop anytime soon.     
H20Hutch H20Hutch
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And what's wrong with that...I too get wet every day...and love it

I love to go to the beach and swim in a mini skirt, and a nice silky top too, and shopping for outfits always involves the feel, and how it would look wet,before I buy anything.

you need to try swimming in a pool fully clothed. Jumping or diving in is best - going from dry to suddenly soaked is incredible.

Swimming fully clothed in a pool is something i must want to do before i die. When i finally leave home i will be looking for a house with a pool.
But i do go to the beach alot during the summer where i do lots of diving and swimming and soaking my clothes, but i would love to have my very own private pool.

Stacy, while our tastes in clothing to get wet in are very close, I actually much prefer to see my wife enter the water slowly - I guess maybe the difference between watching her and feeling it - I enjoy savoring every moment as first her heels, then her stockings, then the hem of her dress, then more of the dress or skirt, her panties, her bra and the top of the dress or blouse - and sometimes jacket - each in turn gets wet.

Indeed - even in wetlook, there are some interesting preferences. There is something very sexy about going in very slowly...little by little...I agree this is very hot. But I love that sensation of jumping or diving in...going from totally dry to suddenly soaked. I also like seeing it too. I had a GF that loved getting wet in her clothes. We only took baths together, but she would often look at the water and say, "I wish I could dive in!" We both found that sensation to be very erotic. Then I one time asked her...if I was to dress up in my finest suit, lingerie and heels, would you want to see me dive in? She said, no...she wanted me to go in slowly! LOL Funny how we enjoy the same thing in slightly different ways!

Yes! I think what you said backs up what I said about watching a sexual partner getting wet vs . doing it yourself. Different sensations & feelings. It's also just a bit more erotic and exciting in public vs . privately for us too. Have to run, need to change clothes into something nicer before I head downtown to meet my wife after work. We're having dinner together & then have tickets to see David Sanborn at the Performing Arts Center. There's a fountain outside, and the chances we'll not be soaked by the end of the evening are pretty slim!

Very nice. Have fun, get wet and enjoy!

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