Modest Swimwear!

There's an old big lake around 5 blocks away from my home that I go to and it's an absolute delight to swim in with it's blue shades of wet bliss! The lake is so tremendously big you cannot see the end of it unless you are seeing it from a map, I gotta thank Florida for that, for it's precious beaches and water places!

The forest that surrounds it offer hiking trails and many mangoes trees to feast on lol I have so much left to explore from this place, I just discovered last month or so by accident because it is inside a campground that I thought it was a children park lol

The little animals I find are mostly little frogs and once a dead turtle, lizards, all types of fishing birds, and fish with palm tress and sand to give it the final touch. Now, I am not a fan of the tiny bikini model being that you really don't need it to swim properly. The thought of having a bunch of married men (which are to be found going to this specific lake) staring at an almost naked body is just beyond creepy, I don't get my self- esteem from internal ratings of my body of complete strangers, just no.

I'm used to wear clothes that cover my complete body as weird as that may sound, long tights and a fitting shirt, that's it, it covers me from the hot sun too, I never get burns and am able to swim freely without a bikini that seems like jumping out of my body when I dive in lol
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My family is going to visit Florida in September. Even though all of our time there is already planned, I'm curious which part of the state this lake is in.

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Nice story. Glad you enjoy the swims! There are no alligators, I hope.

It's so good to hear from a female who prefers clothed swimming. Around the web it seems like it's almost all guys, and in real life I hardly find anyone at all. Thank you for sharing :)

Wonderful. Any specif color of tights and shirt you like?