Every Day A Clothed Swim

Last week the weather was hot, literally.
Every evening after dinner I changes my light summerclothes in sometimes more suitable to swim in. 2 pair of boxers, light blue jeans, t-shirt and white long sleeve over it.(otherwise the t-shirt is not visible) Also socks and shoes. Then I took my car and drove to a quarry which is 4 miles away from where I live. They made artificial beaches there so it is quite busy when the weather is good.
Anyway, I have a small chair and a book which I always take with me when I go for a swim. So I put it on the busy beach straight at the water line. I know this is a location where the bottom goes down quickly. After 3 meter the water is 2 meters deep already. So after putting the chair in the sand I walk straight in wearing all my clothes. People see it but nobody looks upset or something like that. Only when I get out and the water gushes out of my clothes some strange looks are given. The best part is when your clothes are wet to go in again. The amazing feeling of rising air against your body is awesome when you go deeper quickly. Anyway some people I saw every evening, and every evening the same ritual with different clothes. Last thursday when I came out I heard a girl from about 17 ask her mother of she was also allowed to get in wearing her clothes. The answer was "you must do what you like but you will not come in the car when you are wet', so she did not joining me. Maybe some other time.
I made a big progression because I do my thing right in front of others, and I notice a tendency more people wearing clothes, maybe because the dangers of skin cancer. Who will know.

People are going to got used to me I think.
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Aug 5, 2012