Wettin My Mini

i love wearing mini skirts ...no matter where i go im always in a mini.. my friend her name is annie went to the public pool in our town . she of course had on a batheing suit the one with the skirted bottom i wore my denim mini and a sports bra. i told her that i would wear my mini in the pool and no one would even know she took off her cover - up and dove in ..i of course decided to walk in ever soooo slowly down the steps wetting my mini ever so slowly with every step i took till i was finally under ..swam the length of the pool ..walked back up the stairs...pulled my mini down and no one knew the difference and it felt soooo good gettin my lil skirt wet
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You had to be the center of attention. first of all as a dance instructor etc, you probably have a hot body. Secondly seeing a girl walk slowly into a pool fully clothed would have my complete attention and probably my blood pressure rising quickly.
Sometimes sexy and kinky are simple just a little something out of the ordinary is great.

Do you ever pee in your mini skirt

Wow !!

love this wet wet story

Sounds like you and she looked pretty much the same; some of those suits "with a skirted bottom" aren't much different from a mini anyway. Glad to hear you took the mini off eventually. I always swim in my underwear if I don't have a swim suit handy.

Incredibile. Can I join you for you next swim?

WOW that is just awesome!

mmm and what under it wet to i bet..

That's really good that you had a great time and were able to swim in your mini. I bet you looked fantastic!! I think men have it easier swimming in shorts and boxers so it's good that noone noticed / was bothered about you swimming in your skirt.

what a nice little story , and sound like you had fun x

I bet you look good wet.I kown it wes fun to do.

thank you it was fun and noone even notices and u tell me those are pics of me about 4 yrs ago ...do u think i look good wet ???

You like very good wet,I would like to join you if I could.

It's very sexy !

I've got to try that...but I think I'll wear a pair of shorts and a shirt with a button down collar. We have our own pool and I've never worn anything in the 7 years we've lived here, but you've given me reason to "dress for the occasion." thanks for the great post.

Sounds like a lot of fun. That's cool that no one took notice. They can get bent out of shape about fully clothed swimming in public pools.

Once again,thank you for sharing your experience wetmini1,denim really does feel great when it is wet,I do prefer to get wet with my jeans on,it is so great too,that the pool staff did not notice you were swimming with your clothes on,I suppose that is where women have the advantage because their clothes can look like regular swimwear.I hope that you can continue to have experiences like this one,take care,AQUABOY1

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I would build a pool just to see that!

no one even knew i had a regular skirt on

Nice story. Simple and easy to do. Hope you did not get into trouble with the staff.