After Work Dip

I am a cheerleading coach and a dance instructor. I usually dress in shorts and a sports bra for work, but sometimes i'll wear my cheerleading outfit just for kicks. I dont know if you realize it but those uniforms are hot,even with the lil skirt, sooo befor i come home i'll jump in the pool in my uniform and swim around for a while, get out and without changeing ill drive home, but i usually stop at the store first or the mall to walk around in my wet clothes, by then my uniform is wet but not drippin wet and no one really notices, and if they do they just stare , but i dont care cause i love the feelin
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That must be quite a sight to behold. Still prefer you wander around in a wet one piece swimsuit though :-)

It would appear you're in the wrong group then, if you prefer wet one piece swimsuits to wet clothes.

haha you`d freeze up here.

There is nothing like cool wet fun. I would like to know you. You have nice smile.

Now that I would love to see !!

Well if you like it I can see no harm in it.

Wow lovely xxx

u r so amazing they would stare even if u were n't wet

i don think skinny dipping is bad too esp. if u have good company ;)

I love trail riding my horse soaking wet. Some equestrians are so stuffy that the looks I get from other riders is priceless, plus I'm always nice and cool on hot days and my tight breeches or jeans just feel great wet.

How can those uniforms be hot? They look so cool. Is it the top? Maybe a thinner top is in order? I can imagine one gets hot wit all the jumping around and stuff you do. The pool afterwards is a great idea.

Yummy article, thank you for sharing.

Neat that you enjoy going to the mall or a store after you get soaked. We find it even more erotic and arousing when we get wet in public, vs. in private!

Great story!
Back in High School I was an assistant to the Cheerleading Coach. I had my own uniform too ;-) The nicest thing about those uniforms was the material. They didn't really change color or shape when wet or damp, rain, water, pee. I was sure to pee my panties and spankies every time I wore them. Loved the feeling. My husband bought me a couple uniforms a few years back and we use them for role playing. Very forgiving material. Washes and wears well and a lot of fun and I've even worn them into our pool.
Thanks for another great story.

Really nice! :) I love it to go shopping in a store or a mall while wearing wet clothes. Good occasion to wet my jeans again in public by peeing squirt by squirt...

It is hard to tell sometimes if clothes are wet or not. As long as they do not drip or cling or wrinkle, no one will really notice. I have a fantasy about cheerleaders swimming in their uniforms.

Not only is your uniform hot, but your story is really HOT. I think I have seen your photos on the web, and they are GREAT.

thank you , earlier i did a bunch of wetlook modeling and i know a lot of my tapes are out there and thank you sooo much

Your tapes and photos are great. How does one get into wtlook modeling?

I'll have to try that

You are such a wild fantasy woman. Xx

The joy of wet clothes being hot, the clothes keep you cool off its like walk aroud with ac on until the clothes dry

sounds like you have fun after work in you outfit , i love drying out after a soaking , i do also come home form work or play and just have shower with what ever i wear , love the skin tight feel of wet clothes x

Swimming fully clothed is so much fun. Doing it in a uniform such as a cheerleading outfit adds a lot of spice to the adventure. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your story wetmini1,I too enjoy walking around in my wet clothes after I have had a fully clothed swim,it just adds to the whole experience I feel.

Very hot image in my head right now!