Wet Leather

woke up this morning , wondering what to wear , though i havnt worn my leathers recently , so out they came , the feal of cold leather on nylons was lovely they slid on easly and felt like a second skin now foot wear hmmm my well worn leather boots should do , the fel great to with the nylon feel inside them so of to the bathroom to to get ready for the day , but if you now me that visit turned out very wet , i was just washing the bath down with shower head and thought wonder waht it feels like to get wet leather and nylons so i started with the spray on my boots filling them up to the brim , the feeling of squishy water inside the boots wash amazing slowly went up the legs now my leather trousers were really wet and shniey with water , up tot he crotch felt so sooo good and whn i sat down on the wet bottom , what a feeling all wet and shiny and soaked thru to nylons , slowly rose to get my green jumper wet thru and then just got in the shower and loved every minute i will definatly use them again for a wet experince x
wetmana wetmana
36-40, M
Sep 11, 2012